Blake Lively Shares Funny Thanksgiving ‘Expectations Vs Reality’ Pics On Instagram And Cracks Her Fans Up

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Actress Blake Lively doesn’t have a very active presence on Instagram, and despite having 23.8 million people following her on the photo and video-sharing platform, she only posts a few pictures a month.

However, whenever she does, her pictures become an instant hit among her fans who can’t seem to have enough of her lovely pictures and videos. Like many of her celebrity counterparts who took to their social media accounts to post photos, videos and messages related to Thanksgiving, the 31-year-old star recently decided not to lag behind others and finally posted two pictures on Instagram.

However, unlike other celebrities who shared throwback pictures of their families and loved ones, Blake cracked her fans up with her funny “expectation versus reality” photographs.

In the first photograph, she is featured sitting on a chair like a queen while enjoying a luxurious meal. The picture is from her appearance at the Met Gala on May 7 in New York, where she wore an amazingly beautiful ornate ruby and gold design gown by Versace. According to a report by Harper’s BAZAAR, the gown took more than 600 hours to hand-create. For Blake, being dressed up in this elegant gown and having a luxurious dinner was the expectation.

In the second picture — which was the reality — Blake is featured sitting in a car dressed up in a very, very casual black tank top and jeans and is seen wearing no makeup at all. She held a huge burger in her hand and her car is seen scattered with food boxes — potato wedges and a dip on one side and a salad with something else on the other. She also left her pants unbuttoned because of the amount of food that she planned to eat.

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Thanksgiving: EXPECTATION vs REALITY....

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The picture in question amassed more than 1.9 million likes and close to 9,000 comments within a few hours of going live.

Fans cracked up on Blake’s sense of humor and her funny expectation versus reality picture because people don’t usually expect a celebrity to spend their holidays in such a casual way. Followers reacted to the post with thousands of laughing and heart emojis and everyone wished Blake a happy holiday.

“Happy Thanksgiving Queen B,” wrote one person with lots of laughing emojis in the comment. “Queen either way,” another one left a loving comment for Blake. “Hahahahahaha O Blake Lively! How funny thou art!!” one person wrote in an old-fashioned, poetic way.

“Ahahah, you are so real!” one fan commented, while another one said the following.


According to an article by the Daily Mail, it hasn’t been clear what “Blake and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, have planned for the festive holiday; however, most agreed it has to do with some delicious food, whether it be a feast or takeout.”

According to the article, Blake’s hilarious Thanksgiving meme shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who regularly follow her, as she is known for posting funny content online, including trolling her hubby Ryan in comments and captions.