NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Could Trade Goran Dragic And 2019 1st-Round Pick For John Wall, Per 'CBS Sports'

As they continue to struggle in the 2018-19 NBA season, rumors and speculations continue to swirl that the Washington Wizards have made every player on their roster available in trade discussions, including superstar point guard John Wall. One of the NBA teams who could be interested in trading for Wall is the Miami Heat.

The Heat headed into the 2018-19 NBA season with the goal of fully dominating the LeBron James-less Eastern Conference. Unfortunately, as of now, the Heat are nothing but disappointments. They are currently on a three-game losing streak, sitting in the No. 11 spot in the Eastern Conference with a 6-11 record. With their current financial situation, the Heat aren't expected to be major players in the 2019 NBA free agency.

According to CBS Sports, the Heat should consider engaging in a blockbuster trade deal to have a major upgrade on their roster. In a proposed trade deal, the Heat could offer Goran Dragic and a 2019 first-round pick to the Wizards in exchange for John Wall. The deal works on ESPN's NBA Trade Machine.

"There are a number of trade possibilities involving the Miami Heat and Washington Wizards, but I'll make this as simple as possible. The Heat desperately need star power and they don't have the cap space to add a major free agent in 2019. They're stuck with the terrible contracts of Hassan Whiteside and Tyler Johnson, both of which they're already having trouble trading. Wall fills that star power void and negates that need to add a major free agent next offseason. It also gives them the No. 1 scoring option that they so desperately need."
As of now, there is no doubt that John Wall is a much better player than Goran Dragic. His arrival in Miami will give the Heat their "main guy," something they have been missing since LeBron James left in 2014 and with Dwyane Wade no longer in his prime. This season, Wall is averaging 21.5 points, 7.9 assists, 2.0 steals, and 1.2 blocks on 44.4 percent shooting from the field and 34.1 percent from beyond the arc.

Meanwhile, the deal will enable the Wizards to get rid of John Wall's contract. In exchange for Wall, the Wizards will receive a player, Goran Dragic, who could help them remain competitive in the Eastern Conference. With his experience playing alongside Dwyane Wade, Dragic could end up being a much better backcourt partner for Bradley Beal than Wall. The future first-round pick will also enable the Wizards to add a young and promising talent on their roster.