Fox Attacks Baby In London Home, 4-Week-Old Requires Surgery

Authorities are investigating the details of a fox attack that sent a London baby to the hospital.

The four-week-old infant was reportedly attacked Wednesday inside his home in Bromley, a suburb of southeast London. It remains unclear exactly how the fox got inside, although speculation points to a broken door on the property.

The Daily Mail reports that during the attack, the baby’s mother heard piercing screams coming from the room where the child was thought to be sleeping. She allegedly stopped the fox attack by repeatedly kicking the animal until it released its hold on the infant’s hand.

Urban foxes are reportedly becoming a growing problem for the London neighborhood. Paula Wellington, a resident near the site of Wednesday’s attack, spoke about the issue:

“Foxes are menace around here. They get very close to you and they are quite intimidating. My daughter is only three and I am worried for her safety. We get foxes in our garden all the time. My son recently saw a fox walking along the fence like a cat. I’m going to ask my housing association to make the fences higher so I feel safe in my own home.”

According to The Associated Press, the newest fox attack resulted in a bite to one of the baby’s fingers. The child was immediately rushed to a local hospital for medical treatment. The four-week-old boy, who police have not identified by name, required emergency surgery to repair the injury to his hand.

Following the operation, the infant was said to be recovering well. It is unclear if the fox responsible for the home attack was captured.