Kate Bock Goes Topless In Gold Miniskirt For ‘Sports Illustrated’ Video

Alexander Tamargo / StringerGetty Images

Sports Illustrated‘s Kate Bock stunned in a new YouTube video, where she went topless wearing a gold chain miniskirt. The model put on a small skirt that left some of her exposed, as she stood in front of the ocean and wore her hair down in big waves. She censored herself with just her arms and also laid on her stomach and propped herself up with her arms. One fan said that they think she’s this generation’s Farrah Fawcett, while someone else called her “gorgeous.”

Kate’s also shared some photos on her Instagram recently, including a short video of her at the celebrity soccer match hosted by SI. She wore a branded shirt, along with some cut-off white shorts. She also posted a picture from Miami when she wore a high-cut red swimsuit, where she flaunted her derriere and looked great with her hair down in tight curls. The model also shared her Thanksgiving plans, which started with a workout, sauna, and then ended with a turkey.

The model also shared how she foresees her modeling career progression to The Fashion Spot.

“I really love this profession — especially the fact that every job is totally different from the last. I want to do amazing, creative fashion editorials, but I also love beachy swim shoots and family catalog clients. I like to stay busy with a mix of things.”

For now, Bock is obviously rocking it in her swim shoots, and fans can look forward to her being featured in the swimsuit edition.

In addition, Kate opened up about what she thinks are the biggest misconceptions about the modeling industry.

“I find that most people assume models are constantly surrounded by an entourage of friends and family. We do travel a lot and meet new people at jobs but all the coming and going (which is many hours!) is a solo job. So we’ve all had to learn be good, strong independent girls.”

Indeed, as a highly sought-after model, she’s shared tons of amazing snaps from her recent gigs. This includes New York Fashion Week, Canada, and Miami for SI. Some of her featured Stories include a look at some of the amazing hotels, restaurants, and more that she’s visited on her travels, like Nita Lake Lodge, Carbone Restaurant, and Ruby’s NYC.

Plus, Bock’s shared some of her favorite workout spots around the world, including Risen Nation in Cleveland as well as sneak peeks at her workout routines. She does squats, the bridge, and works with dumbbells in the videos.