Georgia Football Player Takes Out ESPN Reporter Laura Rutledge On The Sidelines, Then Asks Her Out On A Date

ESPN's Laura Rutledge found herself becoming the unsuspecting victim of a football tackle when two college football players crashed into her as she reported from the sidelines at a game between the University Of Georgia and The University Of Massachusetts.

"Took an L in Athens today," she tweeted on November 17. "So many thanks to everyone at @UGAAthletics for their help after this happened…even though I'm a Gator."

But the story doesn't end there.

As Hollywood Life reports, one of the players who knocked her over thought that this was his chance to ask the sportscaster on a date.

"Hey @LauraMRutledge really sorry I knocked you down, but… I can pick you up at 7," tweeted UoG player Prather Hudson.

Unfortunately for Hudson, Laura Rutledge is married to professional baseball player Josh Rutledge. Hollywood Life notes that, at first, she tweeted a laughing emoji in response to his cheeky request for a date. But when people suggested that perhaps she didn't quite get what the 24-year-old running back had asked her she tweeted, "nope, I'm married."

Let's hope that the fact that the Georgia Bulldogs won the game can soothe Prather Hudson's burn.

As for what caused the collision, the Daily Mail reports that Hudson had been attempting to block a member of the opposing team, but things got a little out of hand when the two swerved out of bounds and into Laura Rutledge.

Rutledge's history as a beauty queen could be the reason why she was able to handle the fall with such grace. As reports, she was crowned Miss Florida in 2012. She got her start in sportscasting in 2014 when she joined ESPN's SEC Network and became their lead host. And Rutledge doesn't just cover college football, she also reports on basketball and softball as well.

But even though she works as a sports journalist, she's previously confessed to not being the best athlete.

"I was terrible at all sports!" she said in an interview with SB Nation in October. "I tried, but I did a little bit of soccer, ran a little bit of track, but I was not good enough to really get beyond any total beginner level. I did just enjoy watching them though."

Although many will agree that Prather Hudson's attempt at wooing her was adorable, let's hope that her future in sports reporting doesn't include any more nasty collisions on the sidelines.