Aussie Model Natalie Roser Reveals She 'Got Really Sick' And 'Depressed' After Going On A Diet

Former Miss Universe Australia finalist Natalie Roser spoke to Daily Mail Australia about how she developed her stunning physique. Apparently, her lean, sculpted figure came at a very high cost after dieting left her feeling sick and mentally unwell.

The 28-year-old model told the publication that she quit carbs and sugar to lose weight and keep it off. However, she admits that her physical and mental health suffered as a result.

"I went off sugar and got really confused and felt sick and depressed. I cut out all fruits, all carbs, I don't know what I was doing - it was nuts. I actually don't remember what I actually ate, I kind of blocked it all out."
The blonde bombshell has since switched to healthier eating habits that have left her feeling better and more like herself. She also takes care of her body by engaging in habitual detoxes and spa treatments.

After spending some time traveling, the Maxim model told the Daily Mail that she has already begun her Christmas detoxing.

"Obviously all the travel and being in what's known as such a toxic city like LA, it was really nice to come back to Australia and start my detox process."
She continued to share her holiday plans, revealing that she will be celebrating Christmas alongside her family and boyfriend Harley Bonner.
"Christmas will be with my family. Last year I was in Melbourne for the first time with Harley's family, and this year we are going to spend it up in Newcastle where I grew up. It'll be lots of food, hanging around the pool, we do board games and spend quality time together...Harley will be with me and be home in December, I actually can't wait for him to be home, because I hate any time apart from him."
Natalie expressed her excitement about introducing Harley to her hometown of Newcastle. The actor and model have been together since early 2017.

The gorgeous model often takes to popular social media platform Instagram to post sexy photos of herself wearing as little clothing as possible. Her post recent snap features her in a slimming black swimsuit with cutouts at the sides. Her busty chest spills out of the tight suit as she poses with both hands behind her head, securing back her long curly brown hair. The model's smooth, tanned skin glows in the sun as she gazes at the camera with a cute half smile.

The photo was captioned "Mornin'" followed by a smiling sun emoji.