Tammy Hembrow Flaunts Sensual Figure As She Promises To Not Wear Anything But A Bikini Until Next Year

Instagram model and fitness buff Tammy Hembrow is well-known for posting sexy beach photos flaunting her sculpted figure in tiny bikinis. Most days, Tammy's 8.9 million Instagram followers can expect a new and no less stunning bikini post.

The most recent photo features the blonde bombshell in her signature environment - the beach. With a long stretch of white sand and a tease of turquoise ocean in the background, Tammy sits on a wooden fence near the dunes. She is wearing a tiny blue string bikini that pushes her busty chest out of the top and flatters her tiny waist and curvy hips. The bikini bottoms are pulled up just below her belly button, giving viewers a glimpse of her rounded backside. She has one hand pushing back her wind-blown long blonde hair while the other is propped up on the fence to keep her balance. Tammy finished the sexy beach look with thick black mascara and pouty lips.

The fitness coach's caption reads, "Don't expect me in anything other than a bikini till next year k bye." Her followers took her words to heart, leaving messages about how they hoped she was serious and couldn't wait to see more bikini photos flaunting her envious figure. One fan called her "bikini goals" while another commented, "You're so natural; such an inspiration! XO."

Tammy also serves as an inspiration to many of her followers, providing them with insider fitness tips and tricks and encouraging their fitness goals. She has developed her own program to help subscribers achieve the body of their dreams. The fitness guru even has her own app, called TammyFit, in which she posts demo videos and healthy recipes, in addition to assisting app users with their weekly workout schedule, according to her website Tammy Hembrow Fitness.

The Instagram model's fans love the apps and have left it rave reviews on the iTunes store.

"I love this app! It helps me when I go to the gym and when I want to workout at home. It's so easy to follow and takes the anxiety of knowing what to do off the table. Instead of using my booty program pdf on my phone, this app has made it easy to follow along. It also has videos of Tammy doing all the exercises slowly, as well as written instructions. It's a fairly easy routine where you can build upon it and make it harder for yourself over time."
Another user commented that the app is filled with everything anyone needs to reach their fitness goals and that Tammy is an amazing fitness trainer.