Starstruck Little Girl Has Adorable Reaction To Barack Obama’s Surprise Visit To Chicago Food Bank

Bill PuglianoGetty Images

Barack Obama made a lot of people happy when he paid a surprise visit to a Chicago food bank this week, but none more than one starstruck little girl.

On Tuesday, the former president paid a visit to the Chicago Food Depository to help volunteers preparing food for people in need this Thanksgiving. The food bank posted a video of the visit on Twitter, showing Obama working alongside volunteers who were packing potatoes.

“Thank you to ⁦[Barack Obama]⁩ and ⁦[the Obama Foundation]⁩ for joining our volunteers today at the Food Depository,” the organization wrote. “We believe no one should go hungry, especially this time of year, and that’s why we’re working to address the root causes of hunger in Chicago and Cook County.”

Wearing purple latex gloves and a Chicago White Sox hat, Obama chatted with the other volunteers and later took some time to meet with them. That included talking with two little girls who went up to the former president and shared a few short words.

“You guys are doing such a great job helping out,” Obama told two little girls. “I’m really proud of you.”

Afterward, one of the girls stood starstruck with her hands covering her mouth for a few moments before skipping away excitedly.

The image of the young girl — seen at the very end of the video that the Chicago Food Depository posted — gained plenty of viral attention on Wednesday. A GIF of the video was uploaded to the image-sharing site Imgur and went viral on Reddit, reaching the site’s front page. It was also shared across Twitter, with many imagining they might have the same reaction to meeting Obama.

Many others took to social media to praise Obama’s continued focus on public service. After leaving the White House, both Barack and Michelle Obama have undertaken a number of philanthropic efforts, including the expansion of the Obama Foundation. Others noted the stark differences between Obama and Donald Trump, who at the same time Obama was visiting the food bank was boarding Marine One to head to his luxury Mar-a-Lago resort for the Thanksgiving weekend. This is now the second straight year that Trump took a long weekend to celebrate at the resort with his wealthy friends.

Barack Obama was back in his native Chicago for the second annual Obama Foundation Summit, which CBS News noted has a focus on bringing positive change through collaborative actions.