Joe Perry Cancels Tour, Plans To Take Rest Of The Year Off After Hospitalization

Joe Perry, legendary guitarist for Aerosmith, has canceled his fall tour. CBS News reports that the rocker has called off every one of his forthcoming gigs, just one week after he was hospitalized. Perry posted the news on Twitter and according to the announcement, the time off has been ordered by his doctor.

“Just wanted to thank everyone for the kind messages that I’ve received this week.” the message reads. “I’m home and doing well but the doctor recommends a bit more downtime before getting out to rock again.”

After he expressed regret at having to miss the performances, he promised that he’d be back on stage in the new year.

“We will be back out as soon as possible,” the statement continued. “Wishing you all Happy Holidays and looking forward to seeing you again in 2019.”

Fans on Twitter sent Perry lots of well-wishes, despite the news of the canceled concert dates.

“Get well soon Mr @JoePerry the rock’n’roll needs true icons like you!” one fan wrote, while another tweeted, “I was planning on seeing you in NYC! I’m glad you’re doing well and best wishes to you!”

As CNN reports, Perry collapsed backstage after a guest performance for Billy Joel in New York.

According to a statement from his representative, Perry was complaining of shortness of breath after his performance. Paramedics were called so that the co-founder of Aerosmith could receive emergency medical treatment.

As CNN reports, Perry has been hospitalized at a performance in the past. In 2016, he became sick after a 2016 gig at Coney Island with his band, Hollywood Vampires, with Alice Cooper and Pirates Of The Caribbean actor Johnny Depp.

In a clip of the performance, you can see the rock guitarist shuffle off the stage in the middle of one of their songs. Perry’s camp did not reveal what caused the hospitalization at the time.

As mentioned earlier, Joe Perry co-founded Aerosmith alongside lead singer Steve Tyler. According to Biography, Aerosmith was formed after Perry dropped out of high school and moved to Boston. The band had very humble beginnings. Their first gig took place in 1970 at a high school gym.

But the band went on to have huge success after their first album was released in 1972. Their debut included their first hit song, “Dream On.” Their subsequent album would yield more hits like “Sweet Emotion” and “Walk This Way.”

Perry has been open about his drug issues in the past, something that Aerosmith and other bands from that era have become known for.

“You know, there’s the old thing like, everybody’s all f***ed-up on drugs and they fight and they don’t talk, and they don’t deal with their problems,” Perry said in an interview with Brave Words “So once you take the drugs away, two things happen. You learn that you can write songs without being f***ed up…But also the real personalities show through, and you have to learn how to deal with that.”