Donald And Melania Trump Hold Hands, Barron Towers In Height — But Buzz Is On Work Ethics?

The first family heads for a Thanksgiving getaway, but Trump not working for a few hours is the buzz in the headlines.

Marine One Taking Off From White House Lawn
Pete Marovich / Getty Images

The first family heads for a Thanksgiving getaway, but Trump not working for a few hours is the buzz in the headlines.

It seems that Donald and Melania Trump can’t make a move without every step and gesture getting analyzed. Trump supporters got to see the picture of a happy family departing for their Thanksgiving holiday, while the Trump critics painted a portrait of a different hue.

President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and Barron Trump were captured in pictures as they started the first leg of their journey to Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday. It’s Trump’s first visit back to his home away from home since April.

The news is buzzing with quips about Donald and Melania holding hands, with some calling this a rare occasion. With that said the same buzz was heard back in August, April, and May. Sometimes it’s Donald and Melania “holding hands” in the headlines, although the critics sometimes called it “fake hand-holding.” So maybe this hand-holding on Tuesday wasn’t all that rare.

Donald and Melania held hands on their way across the White House lawn with Barron Trump surprising the crowd with his height. Dressed very similar to his dad, Barron Trump no longer fits under his mom’s nickname for him. Melania once shared how she would call Barron her “mini-Donald.” While he is still the spitting image of his dad, the word “mini” doesn’t fit anymore. He is as tall if not taller than his famous dad.

Barron looked taller than his mom, Melania Trump, even with her high spiked-heel boots on. Trump supporters were thrilled to see the boy who lives in the White House; he hasn’t been in the public eye for months. They were also enthused over the happy-looking family. But that’s not what everyone focused in on.

The Trump trio made their way to Marine One, which was ready to transport them to Air Force One. They traveled to Florida and touched down in Palm Beach on Tuesday evening.

Trump reported that he’ll have a lot of work to do while at Mar-a-Lago, despite it being a break from Washington, DC. Some media outlets emphasized how the president golfed with Jack Nicklaus this morning despite his claim — “a lot of work we’re going to be doing.”

The president was even timed, as the Daily Mail reports Donald Trump spent five hours at his private golf club. When the first family touched down in Florida, people lined up behind the barricades to see the president, first lady, and Barron as they walked by.

Even the signs conveyed a mix of supporters and critics waiting to catch the eye of the president and his entourage. Trump walked along that barricade shaking people’s hands, posing for selfies with supporters, and autographing pictures of himself for those who asked.

“Team Deplorable” signs indicated his supporters while screams of “liar” and “clueless” came from his critics. The Trump family was met by a polarized mix of both supporters and critics.

While Donald Trump hasn’t been to Mar-a-Lago in months, it is the winter weather that usually sends him south. According to CBS Miami, Trump visited Mar-a-Lago 10 times between Thanksgiving and April last year. His winter season for spending time in Florida is just starting.

Reports indicate the president and first family will stay at Mar-a-Lago throughout the long Thanksgiving holiday.