Kate Middleton Gave Prince Harry A Very Naughty Christmas Gift Before He Met Meghan Markle

Paul GroverGetty Images

Kate Middleton once gave her brother-in-law a naughty “Grow Your Own Girlfriend Kit” as a Christmas gag gift — long before he met his current wife, Meghan Markle, Elle is reporting.

In case you’re wondering how wealthy families who have hundreds of millions of dollars between them — and neither want nor need anything — give each other gifts on Christmas, here’s how. They, the Windsors anyway, exchange gag gifts of little value. In fact, the cheaper the better. Specifically, the family gathers at Sandringham Castle to exchange gifts, as they’ve done for decades.

The Windsors are nothing if not a cheeky bunch, however, and they’re not above pranking each other, playing jokes on each other, or having a laugh at each other’s expense. It’s all in good fun, of course.

Such was the case some number of years ago, according to royal staffers — although it’s not clear exactly when — when Harry was still in his bachelor days. This event took place long before he’d met American actress Meghan Markle, whom he’d later marry, and who would go on to carry his child. The family was gathered in the Castle’s Red Drawing Room, the traditional site of the family gift exchange, when Harry was gifted by his sister-in-law a “Grow Your Own Girlfriend Kit.”

We’re not sure which particular one Kate gave her brother-in-law — there are literally dozens of different styles available all over the internet. But they all use the same basic concept, and are made of a material that expands in water. Soak the pseudo-girlfriend in water for 72 hours and you will have a full-sized girlfriend — or at least, one that is many times her original size.

Also unclear is how Prince Harry reacted to the gag gift. But since he’s known to enjoy a laugh and to generally be a good sport, he likely thought that it was hilarious.

In fact, Prince Harry does seem to appreciate a good joke gift — just look back to the time when he was 11 and his brother, Prince William, was 13. At that time, their mother, Princess Diana, gave Prince William a very naughty gift indeed. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, for William’s 13th birthday — about the time which young lads start to notice the opposite sex — Princess Diana gave him a cake festooned with a giant pair of breasts on top. William reportedly turned “beet red,” while Harry thought that it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen.