Nicki Minaj Bamboozled After Allegedly Flying To China For Concert That Ended Up Being A Scam

Carlos AlvarezGetty Images

After making a flight all the way to Shanghai, China, for a concert, rapper Nicki Minaj stepped off of her plane to find out the festival event she was set to perform at was apparently a total scam, Shanghaist reported.

According to the news outlet, Minaj traveled to the Asian country to perform a 90-minute set at what she thought was the Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) China festival, a dance festival that has been held annually for the last decade and attracts top acts from all over the world. While the event is typically held in Bali, Indonesia, the one Minaj thought she was to perform at was labeled as its Chinese spinoff.

The event used the official DWP logo in it’s advertisements, citing that other artists such as DJ Snake and Luis Fonsi would also be performing at the festival, which was allegedly to be held on November 17 and November 18.

Fans waited inside the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai’s western Qingpu district for the 35-year-old “Chun-Li” singer, but she never showed–possibly because she caught wind of a statement posted to the event website a few days before the show was scheduled for.

“The event rumored to take place in Shanghai on 17th & 18th of November 2018 is an unauthorized use of the DWP trademark,” the statement read. “DWP as a brand, has no association with the event. The alleged lineup artwork of DWP China, which has been circulating online, is unauthorized.”

Shanghaist reported that Minaj was promised a whopping $3 million for her set, which was supposed to take place in front of at least 8,000 people, though only 1,000 ended up showing up to the venue–all of whom Australia’s ABC News reported were told by event organizers that Nicki “refused to perform.”

While Nicki and her team have remained mum on the debacle, a video of the singer has been circulating Twitter, in which she addresses the issue and explains that she will return to Shanghai for her “real fans,” promising that next time she would be with “a better partner.”

Many people online are comparing the fiasco to the disastrous Fyre Festival, with one Twitter user calling it some “Fyre Fest 2.0 clownery.”

Billy McFarland famously scammed thousands of people into attending the failed festival, which boasted luxury accommodations and Blink-182 as the headliner. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison–a fate that may prove similar to those that organized the fake DWP music festival.