Florida Woman Kayla Morgan Allegedly Drops Baby On His Head Wile Fleeing Police, Causing Skull Fracture

Marion County Sheriff’s Office

A Florida woman is accused of fleeing the police, and of dropping a six-week old baby on his head in the process, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting. Authorities say that Kayla Morgan also admitted to being high on methamphetamines and on MDMA, another street drug.

Sometime on Monday police were called to a busy intersection in Central Florida’s Marion County, following reports of a woman “zig-zagging” in and out of traffic — all while carrying an infant. One witness told local media that the woman was holding the baby “as if she (were) carrying a jacket draped over her right arm, allowing the victim to flail.”

Once deputies arrived, she continued to act strangely, according to a police report obtained by WESH-TV (Orlando). She allegedly told the deputy who arrived on-scene that she believed the officer was “a monster trying to suck [her] blood.”

She then allegedly fled, hiding between vehicles, and at one point either dropped or threw — as accounts vary — the infant on the ground, causing the child to suffer a skull fracture. Authorities tell WTVJ-TV (Miami) that the baby, who was taken to a nearby hospital, is going to be OK. No further details were provided. It remains unclear, as of this writing, what Morgan’s relationship to the baby is. It is also unclear who has custody of the infant.

Authorities say that they had to shock Morgan twice with a Taser to get her to comply. In custody, she allegedly verbally abused the deputies — and made barking and grunting sounds like an animal.

Morgan allegedly admitted to deputies that, for the previous three days, she had been smoking methamphetamine and taking “Molly,” a street name for MDMA. She was taken to an area hospital, and then later taken to jail.

She is being held without bail on charges of aggravated child abuse and resisting an officer without violence.

A staffer who works at the apartment complex where Morgan lives told WFTV (Orlando) that Morgan had moved into the building about six months ago. The neighbor says that the baby is about six months old. WFTV, for what it’s worth, identified the baby as Morgan’s son — although other reports of this crime do not make clear the connection between Morgan and the infant, as noted in a previous paragraph.

Meanwhile, the Florida Department of Children and Families is investigating this case as well.

It remains unclear, as of this writing, whether or not Morgan has an attorney.