Doutzen Kroes Busts Out Of Top With Milk Mustache & Asks, ‘Got Oatmilk?’ On Instagram

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Supermodel Doutzen Kroes shared her take on the “Got Milk?” ad campaign — and fans are loving it.

She put together a collage of four photos, wherein she wore a low-cut top that she had to hold up — along with a milk mustache. In the captions, Doutzen asked, “Got Oatmilk?” The top looked so small that it’s hard to tell if it covered her at all, and she tugged at it with her hands to censor the images. The model bit her lips, smiled, and gave a smoldering look. Fans responded with comments like “#GoVegan,” “Imitating Marilyn Monroe?” and “Very Funny.”

Kroes has also shared other risqué photos this month, including one where she went nude. That photo was in black-and-white, and the model posed on her knees with her back to the camera. She wore her hair down, and her arms were raised upwards.

Another photo showed Doutzen wearing a metallic green bra as she played with a sheer fabric. Her hair was done in big waves, and she wore dark mascara while she looked straight at the camera.

Her Instagram Stories also gave fans a glimpse into her day-to-day life, as she trudged through some fall leaves on the ground and shared a selfie. Kroes also joked with a photographer — one who was laying on the ground to capture a photo — as she pulled out her phone and zoomed in on his face, asking, “What’s going on?”

Another Instagram Story showed a preview of a shoot she did with an elephant for Vogue Arabia, which looks like it will be a stunning spread.

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G O T O A T M I L K ?

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And while Kroes has gained notoriety as a successful Dutch supermodel, she sounds very down-to-earth during her interview with the Evening Standard. In particular, she discussed a topic that all modern parents grapple with at one point or another with their kids: social media. With 5.8 million followers on Instagram alone, Kroes understands all too well the pros and cons of different platforms.

“If kids join social media it’s very important for them to know that this is not the real world. My kids are not there yet but it’s something I worry about, my daughter especially. She’s going to grow up with this.”

Plus, the model admitted that “When I look in the mirror, I see a whole different person than in the picture.”

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S A T I N & C H I F F O N

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Perhaps owing to that, Kroes often shares a mixture of glam photos and other shots of herself wearing natural-looking makeup.