Brooklyn teacher sex scandal heats up, third teacher Allison Musacchio under investigation

Never let it be said that Brooklyn doesn’t know how to party.

The Brooklyn high school that found itself at the center of widespread attention yesterday after reports surfaced that two female teachers were allegedly discovered in flagrante delicto by a janitor who tattled is again getting unwanted press for the sexy shenanigans of its educators. More scandalous reports surfaced today, this time regarding instances of “sexting” an a potentially inappropriate relationship between teacher Allison Musacchio, 31, (above, left) and a one-time male student.

The New York Post reports that Musacchio is under investigation because a female student spotted her ex-boyfriend’s number on the woman’s cell phone. Officials allegedly uncovered more than 200 text messages and calls between the two and removed Musacchio from the classroom. (Although how the messages and call records were obtained is unclear.) Prior to that alleged incident of impropriety, Musacchio was investigated for a “fling” with a former student- but the incident was not further probed because the boy was of legal age to consent and no longer a student at James Madison.

Musacchio hasn’t commented to press, but allegedly spoke to a neighbor about the allegations:

“She said, ‘Absolutely not,’” the neighbor said. “She said, ‘Are you crazy? With my Greek background, I would never do something like that. I have morals and respect.’”

Musacchio’s co-workers Cindy Mauro and Alini Britt were the focus of yesterday’s Googling frenzy about teacher sex. Both have denied any allegations of sexual misconduct.