‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ Anastasiya Kvitko Squats Low, Booty Busts Out Of Denim Short Shorts

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Much buzz has been made of late concerning one of the most prominent Instagram models to hit the scene, coming in the form of Russian beauty Anastasiya Kvitko. Dubbed by many fans and followers — as well as by different media outlets — as the “Russian Kim Kardashian,” likely due to her curvaceous figure, the 23-year-old brunette bombshell has been making headlines in recent weeks and months for her insanely provocative and revealing poses.

In this particular image, Kvitko can be seen adopting a deep squat for her pose, serving to greatly accentuate her prominent booty, as well as to accentuate her narrow waistline. Her thighs thrust out of the bottom of the shorts in a rather cheeky move, revealing a tanned expanse of flawless skin of a dusky complexion. The Russian Instagram model also pairs the throwback denim look with an off-the-shoulder white crop top, which shows off both her delicate shoulders and narrow midsection.

The side profile which is featured by Anastasiya in this sexy snap also showcases her prominent bust-line, the thin fabric of the top doing little to obscure what lies beneath it, leaving little to the imagination of her adoring audience. A black bra strap can barely be seen beneath her signature chestnut tresses, which are styled severely straight and tumble down about her neck and shoulders to rest at the middle of her back.

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Kvitko accessorized her look with a pair of chunky looking hiking boots in beige and tan, with a matching pair of socks that bear a slight cheetah-print pattern. The shoes themselves appear to bear a number of crystal-adorned straps, adding a strange juxtaposition of haute couture into what is otherwise a casual aesthetic. Perfectly sculpted eyebrows are joined by a perfectly pink lip to round out the pose, adding a touch of femininity to the affair.

In the caption of the image, Anastasiya gives a big shout out not only to her fans, but also to red-hot style brand Fashion Nova. As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, Fashion Nova has become a mainstay amongst the Hollywood set, with everyone from Cardi B to the Jenner clan endorsing the label.

Not everything has been easy for Kvitko, however. As the Sun details, the busty Instagram model has been the frequent target of trolls and haters online, most of whom attempt to deflate the rising star’s popularity via suggestions that Kvitko has had extensive plastic surgery to complement her natural beauty. Whether or not these rumors are true appears to be immaterial, as despite all odds, Anastasiya Kvitko appears to be poised to even greater heights of popularity as the days, weeks, and months drag on.