Heather Locklear Will Spend Thanksgiving & Christmas In Rehab, Per ‘Radar Online’

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Troubled actress Heather Locklear will likely spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas in a rehabilitation facility as she continues to get help after being put on a 5150 psychiatric hold reported Radar Online.

Locklear allegedly had a huge blow-out argument with her longtime boyfriend Chris Heisser which resulted in paramedics being called to her home and she was placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold on November 18.

California law allows unstable people to be placed into psychiatric care against their will.

Radar reported that Locklear will likely be spending the holiday season in treatment, not being released until the end of the year.

“She obviously needs more help, so she will obviously be held through Thanksgiving,” a source close to the Melrose Place star told Radar exclusively.

“She’s not going to leave for a while. Her last stint was for 90 days and everyone wants her to get better, no matter how long it takes, where she’s not a risk to herself or anyone else,” said the source.

Radar also noted that the actress is still facing charges for assaulting a police officer and a paramedic when they attended a disturbance at her home in June.

That assault could potentially result in jail time said Radar.

“Heather’s family has also discussed putting her under a conservatorship, with a guardian or a court-appointed conservator to assume responsibility for her,” said the same source.

Capt. Garo Kuredjian of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office revealed to Radar that police responded to a “medical call” and revealed it was Hesser that reached out to authorities.

“It was not a criminal matter,” Kuredjian said to Radar.

Heather Locklear broke her silence on social media with a stunning statement about her sobriety by sharing an honest message with her followers on Instagram on September 19.

“Addiction is ferocious and will try to take you down,” she penned on the social media site.

Locklear returned to regular posting on Instagram in August, but this is was the first time she had directly addressed her issues.

Fans were supportive in their comments for the photo.

“Heather you are strong heroic brave and courageous, and such a fresh breath of air for taking a stand and openly talking about life’s real issues and at times becoming a difficult journey,” stated one Instagram follower of the actress.

People Magazine reported that Locklear’s most recent incidents came after she had been living “low-key” for the past month.

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“It’s very hard on the family,” a source close to the actress’ family said to People. “Richie [Sambora, Locklear’s ex] is a rock for Ava [the couple’s daughter]. She is holding up but always worried about her mother.”

The insider added to People, “Heather needs help. Everyone wants her to get better. She is unstable and she’s had a lot of issues, drug use, and alcohol over the years. No one wants to see her go through something like this.”

The actress last appeared in Tyler Perry’s Close to Home.