Pippa Middleton Is ‘Incredibly Jealous’ Of Meghan Markle & Duchess Kate’s Bond

Clive MasonGetty Images

Now that Pippa Middleton has had her baby, it’s Duchess Meghan who has been relying on Kate Middleton for pregnancy advice. But this is allegedly causing some jealousy on the part of the younger Middleton sister who was used to having Duchess Kate all to herself.

Radar Online says that as Meghan and Kate grow closer, Pippa is growing more and more envious of their relationship, according to sources close to the sisters.

“Pippa is incredibly jealous over Kate and Meghan’s relationship!

“Meghan is turning to Kate for everything related to her pregnancy right now and Kate loves it because she is a very hands-on mother. She knows that Meghan wants to be too.”

They add that another upside of the duchesses bonding is that their husbands are now closer than ever. But this new foursome is making Pippa feel left out of the equation.

But the new bond between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton is going even deeper because a bond is also being filled for the Duchess of Cambridge.

“Kate was very lonely in the palace before Meghan came along. Meghan is bringing life into her and making Kate not so stiff and, for that, everyone is pleased.”

A royal source says that Markle and Middleton didn’t click immediately because Duchess Kate thought that the former actor had ulterior motives in being with Prince Harry, but she has changed her mind.

“Kate and Will both agree that Meghan is absolutely in love with Harry. And for that Kate will help her however she can.”

Since Duchess Meghan and Kate have become so close, it’s unclear if Markle told Middleton earlier than others that she was expecting a little prince or princess, but Meghan and Harry didn’t share the news with Prince Charles and Camilla at the time of his birthday portrait in September.

At that time Markle wasn’t showing, and the couple did not want to make a public announcement until the Duchess of Sussex was through her first trimester.

“In the two photos released on Tuesday, November 13, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stand together behind a bench, where other members of the family are seated. Meghan, 37, wears a slim-fitting, black-and-white sheath dress, with no signs of a visible baby bump. Harry, 34, and the Suits alum formally announced the pregnancy on October 15, though Kensington Palace said in a statement at the time that the royal family congratulated the pair at Princess Eugenie’s wedding on October 12.”