‘Playboy’ Playmate Sara Underwood Rocks See-Through White Crop Top & Black Bra, Shoots Moody Look At Camera

David BeckerGetty Images

Former Playboy Playmate and world-renowned beauty Sara Underwood took to popular social media platform Instagram recently to share a steamy photograph with her legions of admirers. Underwood, who is perhaps best known for her stint co-hosting the G4 vehicle Attack of the Show! in addition to her modeling career, presents some serious moody attitude to the audience in this particular snapshot, channeling a coy yet sexy look.

In this particular image, the former Playboy model is pictured reclining on a simple stone bench, one hand placed behind her to prevent her from falling off. Wearing a see-through white crop top that exposes both her flat stomach and her black bra beneath, there can be little doubt that Underwood engineered the ensemble for precisely such provocative purposes. The top is complemented by a long denim duster with wide lapels and an indigo tint, bearing something of a traditional wash. Tight black pants hug the blonde bombshell’s behind and hips, leading downwards to be thrust into a pair of thigh-high heeled boots — the boots sporting a broad flannel pattern in white, gray, and black.

Sara Underwood is shooting the photographer a decidedly moody look, her lips pursed together and clad in a dark ruby lipstick. A basic black beanie pulls her lightly-colored tresses down about her face and neck. White nailpolish can be seen on her fingers, which grasp a peach-hued hot beverage container in her free hand.

Underwood is backgrounded by what appears to be the Washington State Capitol Building — and the geotag seems to confirm this suggestion, stating that she is in Olympia, Washington. In the caption, she endorses the red-hot fashion brand Fashion Nova, which has attracted the attention of celebrities from all sectors of the entertainment industry — including Cardi B — as the Inquisitr details.

Sara Underwood has not been seen on television screens or at the movie theatres much as late, preferring to capitalize on her consistent sex appeal via social media outlets. As Maxim relays, the House Bunny star has been extremely daring as it concerns the nature of her frequent shares on Instagram, often going topless in exotic locations to the delight of her fans and followers.

In fact, the biggest news as far as Sara Underwood is concerned might be that there is no news at all! As Mandatory explains, it appears as if the Epic Movie actress has had the picture perfect year in 2018, with nary a scandal nor a social media misstep to be found.