Sofia Vergara Poses In A Skintight Black Latex Dress In New Photo

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Sofia Vergara is showing off her amazing body in a skintight latex dress in a new snap shared on her Instagram account. The Modern Family star shared the new photos on her account on November 20 which show her posing for the camera in the shiny black ensemble as well as a more festive red strapless gown.

The new photoshoot pictures showed Sofia appearing in a new campaign for the shoe store Payless in Latin America.

The first photo shared by the star featured her clutching a red shoe box while smiling from ear to ear, teaming her shiny black dress with matching black heels. The second photo shared with her more than 15 million Instagram followers this week showed her once again matching her dress to her shoes as she posed in a sultry red number.

The photoshoot snap had Vergara laying back on a chair as she placed her hand on her waist. Looking toward the camera, the star, who’s most famous for playing the role of Gloria Pritchett on the ABC sitcom, was crossing her legs in her tight strapless dress while surrounded by shoe boxes.

A third picture showed a close-up of her face as she posed in a pink number.

Vergara then wrote a message to her fans in both her native language of Spanish and English in the caption, as the actress originally hails from Colombia.

“Have you seen all my beautiful shoes with @paylesslatam?” the star asked her millions of followers. “What style is your favorite? The Red pump for the holidays will be fabulous!!!”

She then added three high-heeled shoe emojis to her post.

The latest uploads posted to her account come shortly after the Inquisitr shared that the star – who’s mom to 26-year-old Manolo – recently shared a photo of herself posing for another sultry photoshoot in aid of breast cancer awareness.

Sofia Vergara attends The Brent Shapiro Foundation Summer Spectacular
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Vergara has spoken openly about how she gets her body in such amazing shape in the past.

Speaking to Self Magazine, the actress revealed that she likes to change up her workouts and was trying out new exercises such as boxing to stay in shape, despite her not exactly being the biggest fan of hitting the gym.

“I’m aging, and I know that it does make a difference and you can see it in the women and men that work out,” she said of why she hits the gym, per Allure. “Things start to change, and I’m like the only thing to do is go and take care of it.”

And surprisingly, Sofia also admitted to the site that it’s not all about healthy foods all the time for her.

“We have a lot of healthy things, but we keep a balance. I do have a lot of fruits and vegetables, and we cook fresh meats,” the Modern Family actress shared with the magazine, admitting that she cheats on her healthy diet at the weekend with delicious treats she doesn’t always let herself have during the week.

“I also have ice cream and dessert and we do that during the weekend. I try to control myself during the week,” Sofia shared.