Instagram Model Pamela Alexandra Puts Her Seductive Curves On Display In Tiny Black Lingerie

Pamela AlexandraInstagram

Instagram model Pamela Alexandra isn’t afraid to flaunt her curvy hips and backside on her Instagram page. The half-Swiss, half-Brazilian beauty recently posted a sexy snap of herself wearing black lacy lingerie that had her 1.5 million followers begging for more.

Although the curvy beauty is currently gaining fame with her sexy Instagram snaps, she has been around for several years. She first caught the attention of the public after starring in T.I.’s “No Mediocre” video and in 2012, she was targeted by rumors saying she was retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre’s daughter. Pamela has since denied any relationship to the football player.

In the photo, Pamela is seated on a gray ottoman in the living room with her body turned to the side. She’s dressed in just a small black lace thong that leaves her rounded backside on display while her busty chest pushes out of her black lacy bra. The model has her legs slightly parted with her hands supported on her knees as she arches her right foot, drawing the eye to the curve of her thigh and calf. She’s wearing her dark, blonde-highlighted curly hair loose around her face and back while she gazes calmly at the camera. Pamela doesn’t appear to be wearing makeup, giving her a just-woken-up look that is nothing less than sexy.

In the caption, Pamela wrote, “Did I just catch you dreaming?” with a side-eye emoji. Her fans left her messages expressing how much they loved the sexy photo and added plenty of heart-eyed and heart emojis. One fan called her “absolutely dreamy and mesmerizing” while another wrote, “Wow! You are so beautiful.”

Another photo that earned her plenty of attention from her followers was one in which she’s featured taking a shower in a tiny bikini. In the snap, the model is facing the camera full on with her curves, tiny waist, and busty chest drawing the eye. She has her hands rested teasingly on the waistband of the black-and-white geometric shape bikini bottoms as she gazes down towards the floor. The water from the shower head flows through her curls and down her body.

Her caption includes the disclaimer, “I usually don’t wear swimsuits to take showers,” and the photo earned thousands of likes and comments. Many of her fans called her “sensational” and “stunning,” while one Instagram user called her the most beautiful woman to ever exist on the planet.

In addition to modeling, Pamela is a world traveler and fashion buff.