Video Shows White Man Pulling Gun On Black Teens In McDonald’s, Then Employee Yelling At Teens To Leave

Police are investigating an incident that took place at a McDonald’s outlet in Minnesota on Monday night when a white man reportedly pulled a gun on a group of teenagers.

As reported by Huffington Post, there are several videos that are being shared on social media — particularly Twitter — which shows a group of young people yelling “He has a gun!” before running away from a man who is walking out of the restaurant.

Although a bystander intervened to diffuse the situation, an employee at McDonald’s yelled at the teenagers and told them to leave the restaurant. In the video, the employee is seen yelling “get out of my restaurant now.”

“Don’t send them out there when the dude just pulled a f***ing gun on them,” one man — who came to the teenagers’ help — said to the McDonald’s employee, as seen in the footage. “You better call the f***ing cops, is what you gotta do.”

Per the report, another employee at McDonald’s reportedly told the group that the man “pulled the gun out for a reason.”

After the police was informed of the incident, the Eden Prairie Police Department released a statement on Tuesday and said that “it was investigating the incident after receiving a 911 call regarding disorderly conduct at the fast-food restaurant southwest of Minneapolis.”

The statement said that when officers arrived at the restaurant, there were several teenagers inside the restaurant.

“Witnesses reported a verbal altercation between an adult male and a juvenile male, during which the adult male reportedly displayed a gun before leaving the scene.”

One of the teenagers who claimed to be part of the group that had a confrontation with the man told the website Muslim Girl that one of her friends was trying to use Apple Pay when the man started hurling racist comments at them, the Huff Post report said.

The man told one of the teenagers that she is “probably using EBT” — referring to an electronic bank transfer in which benefits are loaded onto a debit card that recipients can use at retailers.

The teenager, named Jihan, told the man that “Just because [she’s] black, doesn’t mean [she] uses EBT,” the report detailed.

After the group confronted the man, he allegedly became increasingly hostile toward them and ended up pulling out a gun at the teenagers. Before the police arrived, the man fled from the scene.

According to the Muslim Girl, which first reported the story, the outlet reached out to McDonald’s for a comment and Paul Ostergaard, the owner of the franchise in question, responded in the following words.

“Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our customers and employees. We take this matter seriously and are working with local law enforcement while we investigate the situation.”