1-Year-Old Girl Survives After Falling Underneath A Moving Train

A 1-year-old girl in India miraculously escaped unharmed after falling underneath a moving train in India.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the incident took place in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on November 20. In a shocking footage -- which went viral on social media -- the girl is seen crying after getting stuck in between the tracks at a railway station.

As shown in the footage, the train was passing at full speed and when passengers saw the infant lying on the tracks, they jumped off the platform and rushed to help her.

Spectators -- who had the shock of their lives when they saw the infant on the tracks -- watched in horror as the train passed with the young girl beneath it. Some onlookers then jumped onto the track and retrieved the infant from the railway tracks. The baby was then handed over to her mother who was standing on the platform.

Per local sources, a resident of the area named Sonu -- accompanied by his wife and two children -- was on his way to Jhansi on the Samata Express when he noticed that he didn't have his purse, so he rushed off the train. His panicked wife followed him and also got off the train with her infant in her arms.

According to the woman, the baby slipped from her arms and landed on the tracks where she got stuck. Following the horrible incident, the railway police took note of the incident and after interrogation, they let the family leave. There were no charges against the parents. Local reports also said that the baby escaped unharmed and did not suffer any serious injuries.

A somewhat similar incident took place last year in Australia when a newborn baby was "thrown headfirst onto train tracks after her pram drifted off a station platform," as reported by the Mirror.

As captured by a CCTV camera, the incident took place at Melbourne's Aspendale Station in January 2018 when a couple -- carrying their baby in a pram -- made their way down the platform to wait for the train.

The parents left the pram facing perpendicular to the tracks to look at the train schedule and got distracted before letting go of the pushchair, which wasn't braked.

Within a matter of seconds, the pram rolled off the platform and the tiny baby inside was thrown out and onto the tracks. The horrified parents ran towards the tracks and retrieved the baby. Whether the baby suffered any injuries could not be determined.