James Woods Springs Into Action When Vet Tweets – ‘I’m Going To Kill Myself’

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Actor James Woods didn’t know this veteran who tweeted for the first time in his life to say goodbye. The unidentified man was at a point in his life where he couldn’t see a future and he was ready to take his own life. Furthermore, the distraught man felt very much alone – but he wasn’t.

James Woods happened to see this tweet and he went into action. This action could have very well saved this man’s life. Some might say James Woods’ return to Twitter served a greater purpose than anyone could have known.

Woods, who is an avid supporter of Donald Trump, is a familiar voice on Twitter when talking politics. But a few months back, the Hollywood actor was banned from Twitter after he shared a faux meme.

His Twitter account was reinstated not too long after the ban was put into place. People across the nation applauded Woods recently for getting information out there to the people in the recent California fires. He was called a “one-man statewide info network” when the wildfires raged, according to Yahoo News.

It seems Woods’ work on Twitter wasn’t done, as the actor helped someone in desperate need on Monday. What this veteran tweeted caught the actor’s eye. The man wrote the following.

“I’m on Twitter every day, I retweet all the time but this is the first tweet I’ve ever written. I’m a veteran, I love America. I’m gonna kill myself tonight. I’ve lost everything I have nobody, nobody cares. I’m in a parking lot with my dog and everything I own. Bye.”

Woods immediately tweeted back, “Tell me where you are.” His next tweet said, “We can talk. I don’t care what anybody thinks. Do you? Let’s have a conversation. Just you and I.” Then again Woods tweeted, “Tell me where you are.”

James Woods on the set of the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno
Actor James Woods appears on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" at the NBC Studios July 8, 2003 in Burbank, California. Featured image credit: Kevin WinterGetty Images

Woods found out the man’s name. He offered a private message to this veteran or if the man wanted to talk openly on Twitter, Woods was also fine with that. The actor just wanted to keep this man engaged. What the Dear Hunter star did to keep this man talking and to get him some help was amazing.

Woods took the man’s threat very seriously and prompted the man to “push this decision off tonight.” That tweet is seen below.

Woods was driving coast to coast at the time this happened and he urged the man to call him in his hotel room. He told the distressed veteran that he had all night to chat. He promised he wouldn’t push the man into anything. Woods said to the man that this was only about talking.

But per Twitter policy, the suicidal tweets were deleted and this man’s account was closed. Woods kept trying to reach the man to no avail. The actor called a few different police departments in an area of Florida where he believed the man was.

He knew the man was in his car, possibly in a Walmart parking lot. He also got a hold of the Maitland Police Department. From what was said earlier, Woods believed he was somewhere in that town.

He gave the police the guy’s name and told police the man had his dog with him. He requested they make a check of area parking lots, especially Walmart parking lots. Woods couldn’t praise the Maitland Police enough. They were “all over this,” Woods, said.

The actor went to the man’s Facebook page and was able to get a hold of a family friend. That person got in contact with the man’s mother. With the license plate number of the guy’s car, police might be able to spot his car in a parking lot.

The man was found safe and sound. The man did not want to be interviewed and he didn’t want to be identified.

While tweeting with this man, it became evident that James Woods is extremely well informed about the suicide rate of veterans. He also shared this on Twitter with the desperate man in hopes of letting him know he is not alone.

What a week of public service actor James Woods embarked on. His presence on Twitter was vital to quite a few lives, including this suicidal man.

First of all, Woods was a vital piece of getting out information about the missing in the California wildfires. He also pointed folks in the right direction if they wanted to help. It’s suggested that Woods actually helped save both human and animal lives by messaging helpful information during the fires, according to Yahoo News.

Then Woods did everything in his power to keep this suicidal veteran alive. He made himself completely available to the man and then to the man’s family as well. Woods tracked down the guy’s family members on social media. Finally, he made himself available to the police in the area where this man was calling from. He went above and beyond.