Shauna Sexton Goes Topless On Instagram & It’s Barely Censored

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Shauna Sexton took an international vacation following the public fallout of her fling with Ben Affleck, which she shared with fans on Instagram. She initially headed to London, but was in Qatar and potentially other locations too. Her last Instagram post from the trip showed her enjoying a flight in first class or on a private jet, as friends joked with her to not forget about the “serfs” and asked her to take them with her next time.

Since she’s returned home, Shauna went big on her Instagram and shared a barely-censored topless photo that was taken right before or after a shower. The model posed with her curves showing, as she gave a pouty look. She captioned it, “When he rolls up with a bottle of Jameson & a party pack from Taco Bell…” It’s hard to know for sure, but maybe the model has found a new boyfriend. Whatever the case, fans know Shauna’s love for fast food thanks to it being the reason for the first times she was spotted with fling Ben Affleck. The two were photographed at fast food drive-thrus, sparking rumors of a relationship.

For now, Sexton’s past with Affleck seems to be old news, besides the latest rumors that hinted at the model being in possession of a sex tape. Those claims have yet to be substantiated, and at any rate, it looks like Shauna is moving on.

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“Y’all got any chicken fingers?”

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Worth noting is that she mentioned a bottle of Jameson’s in her captions, which reveals that the model still enjoys partying much as she ever did. That was a major source of contention while Shauna was still seeing Ben, considering the latter was in rehab. But now that scrutiny of the Playboy Playmate’s drinking is in the past, Shauna can enjoy being herself without being criticized.

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Qatar you’re unreal

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But the days right after the model’s breakup from Ben made headlines were less clear, with Sexton hitting back against the rumors, detailed the Daily Mail.

“I know [there are lots of unnamed insiders] – and they just make s*** up, just like this. Don’t believe everything you read.”

And while the initial reports of a breakup seemed unlikely, considering the two had just jetted off to Montana for a quick trip, the rumors turned out to be true. It’s hard to know what Shauna has in the works now after a period of high scrutiny and publicity, but one thing’s for sure: she’s still trucking along as a Playmate.