Demi Rose Shows Skin In Risque Lace-Up Outfit On Instagram

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Instagram star Demi Rose shared a new photo of herself in a revealing outfit on Instagram, and fans are buzzing with compliments. The photo garnered over 20k likes in the first 11 minutes after it was posted, and it’s no wonder. Demi looked great in a matching top and miniskirt, both with lace-up details that revealed a ton of skin. The top barely covered her up, as an orange lace-up detail kept everything contained. The bottom was made in the same colorful graphic with bold lettering, and had lace-up details on her hips.

Rose styled the outfit simply, wearing her hair down in a center part with some blush and soft pink lipstick. She also wore some off-white heels that complemented the look. The photo was geo-tagged at the MNKY HSE, which is a Latin American restaurant with an adjoining MNKY LNGE. The lounge has a bar and a DJ venue, making it a hot spot at night and during the day.

The interior of the restaurant looks beautifully decorated, as Rose stood in front of some red booths and an elaborately designed gold wall. She mentioned in the captions that the outfit is from Fashion Nova, and fans reacted by saying things like “Unstoppable lady” and “Go girl.”

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Outfit from @fashionnova #novababe #fashionnova ❤️

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And while Demi has millions of fans now, she wasn’t always this popular. In fact, she’s opened up before about how kids used to pick on her at school, detailed The Mirror.

“I rarely wanted to go. Bullies used to throw chewing gum in my hair and pull chairs away as I was about to sit on them. I hated it. They all thought I looked and acted weird. I couldn’t wait to finish.”

That’s all hard to believe now, as she’s amassed over 7.8 million followers on Instagram. And lately, Demi’s been sharing clips from her workout sessions that show her doing different routines. Her latest Instagram Stories were of Rose working out by a pier somewhere. She wore some tight-fitting leggings that showed off her curvy figure.

In the past, Demi talked about how her body was something she worked hard for, which was echoed by her fitness coach at the time.

And as far as her skyrocketing fame after a trip to America for the first time, she phrased it very simply.

“I only went [to Miami] to see a friend to celebrate my birthday but it led to other things.”