November 20, 2018
'Wreck It Ralph 2' After-Credits Scene: There's An Important Spoiler About A Future Film Hidden At The End

Those who see Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet will likely want to know if there's an after-credit scene, something to keep them in their seats just a little bit longer.

To moviegoers who may not have bothered to sit through all of the credits in the past, the after-credits scene is a short bit that plays after all the credits have stopped rolling. It has become increasing popular -- especially in movies that are part of a larger series -- and often serves to tie up a loose end from the movie, add a final joke, or sometimes to introduce a new character or plot point for a future installation of a franchise.

Given that the well-reviewed Wreck It Ralph 2 signals a franchise rather than a one-off for Disney, per Deadline, there is plenty of interest in whether fans can find an after-credits scene to show what the future might hold.

So, does Wreck It Ralph 2 have an after-credits scene?

[Warning: There are some light Wreck It Ralph 2 spoilers ahead.]

The answer is yes -- twice.

Borrowing a format that Disney has adopted for the Marvel series, Wreck It Ralph 2 has two separate after-credits scenes. As Just Jared reports, the first is an extension of another scene that viewers are already familiar with, and the second one is a preview of an upcoming movie.

But as Fatherly suggested, the second glimpse isn't exactly giving hope for a Wreck It Ralph 3, but rather hints at another Disney movie coming down the pipeline. Still, the report says that it is the "best post-credits scene of the year."

"After Disney explored the classic arcade game and the Internet, it's not clear where else Ralph and Vanellope could go. Virtual Reality? We hope not. These characters are probably done breaking everything, but they certainly do go out with a bang. This one of Disney's most ambitious films in a while."
This will come as delight to fans who sat through all of the credits on the original Wreck It Ralph movie in 2012 to find only a very short insert, with the Disney title screen breaking down into a video game "kill screen."
So those who head out to see Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet this week will want to make sure they stay in their seats all the way until the end. Hopefully the audience will enjoy the after-credits scene, and be treated to a possible glimpse of what's to come for Disney.