‘Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Defends David Eason’s Enthusiasm Over The Confederate Flag With Now-Deleted Tweet

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

David Eason recently declared he was going to plant the Confederate “flag in all 50 states” and according to a new report, he has the support of his wife, longtime reality star Jenelle Evans.

On November 19, Hollywood Life shared a report with readers, revealing that despite the endless backlash Eason has been getting online, the Teen Mom 2 star continues to defend his often questionable behavior.

During a recent trip to the Grand Canyon, Eason proudly wrapped himself in a Confederate flag as he staged a photo shoot at the national park. Then, after Evans commented “lmao” on the photo and encouraged him to share a video taken during the shoot with fans, Evans faced the wrath of a number of irate Twitter users.

“That’s not our flag fyi. You live in the USA and our flag does not look like that. You are so unamerican!! Why don’t you guys move somewhere else because we don’t want that trash. You really NEED to read a REAL history book. GO TO COLLEGE GIRL You need it!!!!!” one person wrote.

In response to the Twitter user’s comment, Evans fired back with a now-deleted tweet, which explained that she is okay with her husband taunting his online audience with the pro-slavery-era Confederate flag because it means something to her and other Southern people.

“Lmfao no one said it was the ‘American Flag,'” she wrote. “You have no idea what this flag means to the southern people.”

A short time later, the Teen Mom 2 star deleted her post.

David Eason has defended his love and appreciation for the Confederate flag as well.

As Hollywood Life revealed, Eason responded to backlash on Instagram on November 18.

“It’s just where I’m from, my heritage. Kinda [sic] like when people fly at flag that represents their state because it’s where they are from,” he said. “If someone thinks it has to do with racism or slaves they aren’t thinking enough. More racist people fly the beloved American flag, which was the flag flying on the American slave ships… No concern there.”

Eason’s unconventional views have been quite costly for him in the past, but nowadays, when it comes to the things he says and does, he has nothing to lose. After all, his Teen Mom 2 paycheck is long gone and because of a homophobic rant on Twitter earlier this year, his chances at returning to the show are slim to none.