Nemo Seen From Space: NASA Satellite Picks Up Monster Storm [Video]

Nemo seen from space looks almost as ferocious as the view from earth. NASA’s GOES-13 satellite snapped a shot of the colossal winter storm as it first came together on Thursday over the eastern coast of the US.

The huge nor’easter, nicknamed “Nemo” by the Weather Channel, was a result of two low-pressure weather systems colliding. Writing on Thursday, NASA’s GOES Project officials noted how:

“The two systems came together and created a blizzard of historic proportions in New England.”

Blizzard Nemo managed to bury much of the Northeast in more than two feet of snow, while six deaths have been linked to the storm so far. Scientists have suggested there are links between Nemo and climate change, thousands of flights have been canceled, and New York Fashion Week has “imploded” as the storm continues to wreak havoc. Parts of New England, including Boston, were the worst-hit areas.

The video below, shot by the GOES-13 satellite, shows Nemo seen from space and forming over a period of two days. According to Yahoo!:

“A powerful Alberta Clipper system carrying cold Arctic air from Western Canada slammed into a low-pressure system that moved northward from the Gulf Coast in the south.”

GOES-13 is operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which oversees a fleet of Earth-watching satellites with NASA to monitor the planet’s weather systems.

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