Brandi Glanville Catches Car Thief In The Act Just Weeks After Home Break-In

Allen BerezovskyGetty Images

Brandi Glanville was targeted by a carjacker this week in Los Angeles.

According to a November 20 report from Radar Online, a video has surfaced in which the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is seen screaming as a man attempts to break into her white Range Rover. The scene took place in the middle of the afternoon on what appeared to be a busy street in Sherman Oaks, California.

“Call the police, call the police!” Glanville yelled as a man jumped out of her car.

A short time later, one of Glanville’s male friends begins running after the carjacker — and ultimately pins him on the ground, a short distance up the street from where the event took place.

“A man broke into my car,” Glanville said to the man filming the incident on his camera.

After pinning the criminal to the ground, Glanville’s friend told him not to touch things that aren’t his. The man then attempted to defend himself, claiming that he thought the reality star’s car was his.

“It’s my car!” Glanville yelled after hearing what he was saying.

After the criminal realized that he was being filmed — and was informed that police were on their way — he began to beg and plead with Glanville’s friend in hopes of having him let go. Understandably, the friend didn’t let him go, and happily turned him over to police as they arrived.

“F**k you,” Glanville’s friend said to the suspect. “I hope you’re not illegal.”

On Twitter, Glanville shared a message with her fans and followers in regards to the shocking incident.

“Yesterday at 3 pm ish on Ventura blvd in Sherman oaks after lunch my date came across a man burglarizing my car red-handed,” she tweeted on November 19. “My date caught the thief & held him down until police arrived. People are getting so bold it’s scary. Thankfully no one was hurt.”

Brandi Glanville’s scary carjacking comes just weeks after the former reality star confirmed to Us Weekly that she was the victim of a break-in at her Los Angeles home.

“I’m fine but just shaken up. This happened mid-day when the boys and I were home,” she explained last month. “We have an alarm, but it wasn’t set because we were there and I felt safe in my home because we have a security system and gates.”

With Glanville during the break-in were her two sons with former husband Eddie Cibrian — Mason, 15, and Jake, 11.

“[The] scariest thing is thinking what could’ve happened if either myself or one of my boys walked in on them in the process of robbing us,” she added.