‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kiki Gets A Shocker And Ava’s Feeling Cocky

Todd WawrychukABC

General Hospital spoilers tease that the episode airing on Tuesday, November 20, will be a doozy. Viewers are bracing themselves for fireworks after Ava managed to set up a scene with Sasha and Griffin in bed together, and Kiki is on her way to discover the supposed betrayal. Where will things head next?

The preview for Tuesday’s show shared on Twitter shows that Kiki will open the door to Sasha’s hotel room, and will be stunned by what she sees there. Kiki may have already confronted her supposed sister about getting too flirtatious with Griffin, but she certainly didn’t anticipate seeing Griffin and Sasha in bed together.

It seems likely that Sasha and Griffin will both come to, just as Kiki is in the hotel room ready to destroy them both. And of course, neither of them will have any idea what happened. Sasha’s soup was drugged by Ava — and Griffin was knocked unconscious before he realized where he was — but it’ll probably take a fair amount of work for them to convince Kiki of their innocence.

As things explode in the hotel room, Ava will be sitting back, feeling giddy over the scenario that she put together. General Hospital spoilers detail that Carly and Ava will cross paths, and Carly will pick up on Ava’s unusually chipper attitude.

Carly will ask what has Ava feeling so brazen, and Ava will smirk as she notes that things are finally going her way. General Hospital spoilers suggest, however, that she may be getting a bit ahead of herself.

SheKnows Soaps reveals that during Wednesday’s episode, Nina will confront Ava, aiming to tear her apart. That sounds like a hint that Kiki, Griffin, and Sasha may quickly figure out that Ava was behind this crazy situation. They might then fill Nina in, with Nina wasting no time in confronting Ava about these antics.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Marcus and Stella will have a heart-to-heart — and it seems that shenanigans are on the way for both Jordan and Curtis in terms of bachelor and bachelorette parties. In addition, General Hospital spoilers note that Laura will confront “Kevin” again, wanting answers about what has been going on with him.

Viewers will see TJ pop up during Tuesday’s show, and it makes sense for him to return in order to help Jordan and Curtis celebrate their wedding. However, a new actor is stepping into the role. Tajh Bellow will reportedly debut as TJ, replacing actor Tequan Richmond. Richmond has moved on to other opportunities.

What will happen to Ava when — and if — Kiki, Griffin, and Sasha piece things together? Will they realize the depths of her depravity in trying to destroy her daughter and ex-boyfriend? Who will finally figure out that Ryan is alive, and that he has taken over his brother’s life? Fans are eager to see things get crazy, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Tuesday’s episode will be a juicy one.