'The Conners' Spoilers: Katey Sagal Announces She'll Appear On The 'Roseanne' Spinoff

Amanda Lynne

The Conners is adding yet another huge guest star. Actress Katey Sagal will appear on an upcoming episode of the Roseanne spinoff.

According to a Nov. 20 report by TV Line, Katey Sagal will pop up in Lanford, but she's staying quiet about her character for now. However, the report does confirm that Katey will be playing a character named Louise, who will appear on the Dec. 11 episode of the show, titled "O Sister, Where Are Thou?"

Sagal has appeared on many television shows and has wowed fans with an array of very different roles such as bored and vapid housewife Peg Bundy on Married With Children, the widowed single mother on 8 Simple Rules, an animated alien named Leela on Futurama, and as the tough biker mama who would do anything to protect her family Gemma Teller-Morrow on Sons of Anarchy, which earned her a Golden Globe Award.

Sagal is just the latest in the line of guest stars to appear on The Conners this season. Juliette Lewis has been seen as Blue, hippie girlfriend to Johnny Galecki's David Healy, and Matthew Broderick played Peter, a love interest for Jackie (Laurie Metcalf).

Justin Long also popped up on the show portraying a character named Neil, who is interested in dating Darlene (Sara Gilbert), and Mary Steenburgen played Marcy Bellinger, the woman who gave Roseanne Conner the pills that ultimately ended her life.

In the clip, Darlene tells Neil what he should order, and then tells him that he'll like it. He later tells the group that he's a preschool teacher, and then gets up to "tinkle," saying that he's used to using that word at work.

As soon as Neil is gone from the table, Darlene wants her family's opinion.

"He's great, right?" she says. "Does he remind you of anybody?" Jackie asks. "Not really," Darlene replies.

"Here's a clue, because I want you to figure it out...David!" Jackie hilariously fires back. "No way. Two entirely different people," Darlene hits back. "Wait...that wasn't David?" Dan says. "She's controlling Neil the same way she controlled David," Jackie says through a laugh.

Fans can see more of The Conners when it airs Tuesday nights on ABC, and Katey Sagal, which she airs on an episode next month.