Zooey Deschanel Admits Daughter Elsie Is Obsessed With ‘Frozen’ Despite Not Having Screen Time

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

It seems that no child is immune to the charms of the movie Frozen – even one who doesn’t get to have screen time. At the 2018 Baby2Baby Gala earlier this month, Zooey Deschanel admitted that her daughter Elsie Otter is obsessed with the Disney film despite the fact that she isn’t allowed to watch TV or movies. According to People, the New Girl star said that her daughter caught sight of the film on a plane once or twice, and now she wants to dress like the characters and sing the songs from the film all the time.

The 38-year-old actress and singer was speaking with reporters at the gala when she was asked if baby brother Charlie Wolf had hit any baby milestones. Deschanel joked that Elsie Otter had hit the Frozen milestone.

“My 3-year-old loves Frozen. I think that’s a milestone,” she said.

She then went on to explain that she and husband Jacob Pechenik don’t allow the kids to sit in front of the television, but that hasn’t stopped the film from sneaking into their lives.

“She’s really not allowed to have screen time. She’s seen it once or twice on a plane but she just sings the songs all the time,” said Deschanel. “We listen to the songs all the time, we dress up in the costumes. It’s a daily thing.”

Deschanel plans to hit the road later this year to perform with her musical partner M. Ward for their musical duo She & Him. The pair will perform several holiday shows around Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Texas.

Deschanel just said goodbye to New Girl, the Fox sitcom that she starred in for seven seasons. When asked if she had any big acting plans on the horizon, she said that she was taking her time to find a good project. For now, she is just enjoying being a mother.

“I do want to get back out there, but not until I find the right situation. I’m just having such a great time being with my kids because they’re really little and every day is different and exciting and fun,” she said.

The actress has also been spending time learning about sustainable farming, something that she has been openly supportive of since having her daughter. She told People last year that she believes in a “know it or grow it” philosophy when it comes to healthy eating. She hosted an educational series called “Your Food’s Roots with Zooey Deschanel” to promote the concept.

More recently, she headed to Long Meadow Ranch & Farmstead in Napa Valley to learn about sustainable farming. Her adventure there will be released in an episode of Tastemade in 2019.