Justin Timberlake Recalls Favorite Moments From His Man Of The Woods Tour

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Justin Timberlake recalled that some of the most memorable moments that have occurred thus far in his Man of the Woods tour have been the personal encounters with his most devoted fans.

The tour, which will run through 2019, will encompass 112 shows that will span across both Europe and North America. Joining him for the fun is his wife actress Jessica Biel and son Silas.

E! News reported that Timberlake feels very much alive when he is with fans and revealed that no concert is ever the same, despite performing the same songs each night.

“I have a ton of fun performing with my band and dancers, and we keep it fresh every night,” Timberlake said to E! News. “But I do believe in being well-rehearsed so you can get to the stage and forget all of that and just be in the moment.”

“I’m always looking for new ways to make my concerts feel unique and be as close as I can to the fans. This stage design was birthed out me wanting everyone to feel the energy towards the middle of the floor,” he says of the current show and stage design, which draws fans into a large arena setting and manages to make it feel intimate.

Justin Timberlake
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“I also wanted it to look like a movie set when you entered the building, so there’s that, too.”

But perhaps his most favorite moments of the tour thus far has been through his partnership with Verizon Up rewards program, which gives customers access to VIP event tickets and everyday prizes simply by paying their wireless bills reported E! News.

VIP tickets to any show can be pricey and unaffordable for most concertgoers, so Timberlake was thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with the communications giant to allow all fans the chance to get up close and personal with him.

“Getting to interact with people is one of my favorite things about touring,” Timberlake explains to E! News. “That’s why I was excited about Verizon creating an opportunity for my fans to get stage-side access throughout the tour through the Verizon Up rewards program.”

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“I was able to connect with so many fans in the Verizon Up section,” he added. “A standout moment was definitely when one of them had me help with a gender reveal onstage.”

Timberlake’s Man of the Woods tour continues to roll across America, with stops in Denver, L.A., New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and other cities.

Those who missed the chance to see Timberlake live can learn more about him through his recently published book Hindsight.

“I just wanted to give anyone who was curious a little window into my creative house, so to speak,” said Timberlake of the gorgeous, hardcover book.