6-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Strangled 1-Year-Old Brother To Death After Being Left Alone In Car, Father Charged

Jaromir ChalabalaGetty Images

A 6-year-old girl allegedly strangled her crying 1-year-old brother to death after the children had been left alone in a car while their father went shopping, and now the dad is now being charged with felony child abandonment.

The incident took place near Houston back in May, with police saying 26-year-old Adrian Deshaun Middleton left his two children alone in the car. As Fox News reported, the man returned to find the girl crying and saying that she had done “something bad.” The father then found his 1-year-old son unresponsive with a seat belt wrapped around his neck.

The young girl told police that she was playing with her brother to keep him occupied and he started crying when she stopped playing. The boy would not stop crying, so the girl wrapped the seat belt around his neck, strangling him. The girl said she had initially believed her baby brother had fallen asleep after he lost consciousness and did not call for help.

The father attempted to give the boy CPR and called police. Paramedics rushed the boy to a nearby hospital, but doctors were unable to revive him. The boy’s death was declared a homicide by strangulation, the Dallas News reported.

The children’s father told police that he left them inside the car with the air conditioning on and a movie playing, and said he occasionally looked out from the store to check on the car. But police found surveillance video that showed Middleton went more than an hour without looking after the children, leading them to bring charges against him nearly six months after the boy’s tragic death.

“According to court documents, Middleton originally told police he left the children strapped into their car seats when he went into the store,” ABC 13 reported. “He claimed he was in the store for about 30 to 45 minutes, and checked on the children through the store window.

“However, there were no car seats in the car and police say surveillance video showed Middleton was in the store for about 1 hour and 40 minutes without checking on his children.”

Adrian Deshaun Middleton has been charged with abandoning a child under 15, Fox News reported. It was not yet clear if he was given bond, or when he could be due back in court to face the charges. The girl is now under the custody of her grandmother. Police said she will not face any charges because of her young age.