Audrey Roloff Admits She Is The Reason Jeremy Roloff Quit ‘Little People, Big World’

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Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff admitted on the Heroes For Her podcast, hosted by Erin Weidenman, that the ever-present cameras filming her and husband Jeremy Roloff’s day-to-day life made her uncomfortable from her beginning days on the series, according to Radar Online

Radar reported that Audrey Roloff said that beginning with her wedding, she was worried about the intrusion of cameras and that she remained uncomfortable throughout her time on the show. She then asked for a break from displaying her family’s life on television and her husband, who has appeared on LPBW since he was 13, agreed with her decision.

She felt it would cause a “lack of intimacy” in the event for both herself, her soon-to-be husband, and their guests.

“I didn’t want that to ruin the intimacy of the day,” the 27-year-old mother of Ember Jean confessed. “I didn’t want it to take away for my friends and family being able to just be themselves.”

“You never get used to it honestly,” she said of the cameras following the couple’s every move during filming. “My sister-in-law and I (Tori Roloff), we always joke, like, ‘You never get used to it.’ Because we are not created to be in the public eye, it’s just a weird thing.”

Although Audrey didn’t want to cause waves within the family, who had been sharing their lives with the cameras for many years before she came into the picture, she revealed during the podcast that she hoped her husband would “respect her decision” to not have every moment of her life filmed.

“I kind of had to learn to accept, like, ‘Hey, this is part of Jeremy’s life and I need to learn to respect it as best as I can,'” she revealed in the interview. “And in the same way he did the same for me, in that, like, I’m a little bit uncomfortable with, like, wearing a microphone under my wedding dress all day.”

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In order to help his wife adjust to her new normal of appearing on television, Jeremy Roloff made some concessions during their wedding day in particular so their most special moments would be private and between the two of them and their families.

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“We actually had a lot of things that weren’t actually filmed on our wedding day so I actually took off my microphone for our first look,” she said. “That actually was not filmed. We did a first look and it wasn’t on TV or anything. And we took communion and they didn’t film that. So there were certain things that I told Jeremy that I wanted those moments to be just ours and he, like, really went to battle for that.”

The couple revealed in an Instagram post that they would not be returning to the series in July of 2018.

Little People, Big World airs on TLC.