Neil Patrick Harris Is Not Impressed With The ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Finale

Cindy OrdGetty Images

It appears that Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t impressed with the shocking finale of Dancing with the Stars, making his opinion quite clear just minutes after the show aired on Monday, according to reports from Entertainment Tonight.

The 45-year-old actor and former contestant on the hit ABC show sent out a tweet that took aim at the show as he claimed that what happened in the final episode is the primary reason he no longer watches Dancing with the Stars.

While it was unclear what exactly happened in the final episode to trigger the tweet, it more than likely had something to do with DJ Bobby Bones and his partner Sharna Burgess winning the competition and taking home the Mirrorball trophy despite never receiving the highest scores from the judges.

While the winning pair was considered by many to be the fourth favorite behind Alexis Ren, Evanna Lynch, Milo Manheim, and their partners before the finale aired, no one was more surprised than Bones and Burgess themselves.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight after his victory, Bones spoke about his shock, saying, “We were shocked. You have to think about it, [when] we started the show, I had never danced before… I cannot believe we won.”

Bones commended Burgess on her ability to carry his admittedly underwhelming dancing ability, saying, “She got stuck with someone — she’s done [the show with] athletes and people that are like super [talented], she got Nick Carter and Antonio Brown, and then all of a sudden she gets Gumby. I cannot believe we won.”

The 38-year-old radio host made it clear that the proudest part of his victory is knowing that he played a part in helping Burgess finally take home the Mirrorball trophy for the first time, saying, “Mostly, I’m happy for her. I’m the most happy for frickin’ Sharna, because she deserved this.”

Burgess has competed as one of the professional dancers on Dancing with the Stars for 12 consecutive seasons, making her debut during Season 16 in November 2011. In her previous experiences in the competition, Burgess had reached the finals on four other occasions before finally leaving as the winner on Monday.

Opening up about her long-fought victory, Burgess said, “This is probably the sweetest win that I could have had over seven [years]. The journey that we had together, what we represented, and to hold a Mirrorball trophy at the end of that, it’s just it’s beautiful.”