Colton Underwood Threatens To Quit ‘The Bachelor’ In First Trailer For His Season Of ABC Dating Show

Craig SjodinABC

Colton Underwood may have found love on The Bachelor, but it wasn’t an easy ride. The hunky former NFL player went on an emotional rollercoaster while on his journey to find love on the ABC dating show.

In the first full-length trailer posted by ABC, Underwood’s season starts out in a steamy way as his contestants spy on the shirtless star while he’s showering on the beach. One smitten contestant says, “Colton looks so hot, I plan on rubbing oil all over his body.” Another fangirl describes the 26-year-old Bachelor as “a chiseled god to me.”

Of course, Colton Underwood’s virginity hangs over the season. In what has to be the most awkward moment in Bachelor history, longtime host Chris Harrison tells ABC’s leading man, “You could lose your virginity this week.” Later, a contestant is seen teasing the possibility that Underwood lost his virginity while they were in Singapore.

Chris Harrison already revealed that Colton Underwood’s virginity will be a major topic this season on The Bachelor. But amid the virginity talk, there will also plenty of tears. In one scene in the new trailer, a tearful Underwood says, “Every time I put myself out there I get rejected,” which then segues to a scene of an unhappy woman telling the star point blank, “I can’t accept a proposal.”

The drama between The Bachelor star’s two dozen contestants also seems to be at an all-time high this season, with one woman calling out her rival for scaring Colton away.

“He was shaking because you f——- scared him so bad and you’re going to ruin potential relationships.”

The drama-filled trailer ends with a jaw-dropping moment as an emotional Colton Underwood telling producers he is “done” with the whole thing. Underwood is then filmed hopping a tall white fence and fleeing the scene as a member of his stunned harem asks, “What just happened?”

On last season’s edition of The Bachelorette, Colton Underwood was left broken-hearted when Becca Kufrin sent him home after he opened up to her about his virginity and about a past breakup (presumably with his ex, Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman) that left him gutted. His heartbreak over Kufrin was still apparent when he appeared on this summer’s Bachelor in Paradise where he tried for a half-hearted relationship with Tia Booth that ended with them tearfully breaking up.

Based on the new Bachelor trailer, it appears that Colton Underwood will deal with yet another major heartbreak even as he is the one calling the shots.

You can see the drama-filled trailer for the upcoming season of The Bachelor below.

Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor premieres Jan. 7, 2019 on ABC.