In Time For Thanksgiving, Butterball Hotline Turkey Experts Can Be Reached Through Amazon Alexa

Matthew EismanGetty Images

With an assist from Amazon, Butterball is helping everyone up their turkey roasting game by including their official turkey hotline inside your Echo devices. Sure it was helpful to dial up 1-800-Butterball or log onto, but now, you can just say, “Alexa, how do I get my turkey to brown evenly?”

Eater explains that Butterball wants to continue to provide accessible help for cooks throughout the holiday season. Partnering with Amazon gives people a hands-free way to send out an SOS to a non-judgemental expert at Butterball headquarters.

Rebecca Welch, Butterball senior brand manager says that the new option launched last week.

“We really want to be able to offer assistance to holiday customers wherever and however they receive that information.”

Butterball has another new trick up their sleeves as they have added a callback feature on their 800 number. Now, instead of waiting on hold, cooks can enter their phone number and get a quick return call from a turkey guru.

Sure, you still have to be specific even with Alexa about what you need to know about your turkey. Just saying, “Alexa, what am I doing wrong?” isn’t going to cut it.

Wired says that in terms of technology, Butterball has come a long way since they launched their hotline in November of 1981.

Nicole Johnson, co-director of the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line says that the company has improved the service to save time and allow cooks to (attempt to) multitask while preparing a holiday meal, and the addition of Alexa and the call back service fill a void.

“Having four little kiddos at home myself, my time is very important to me and somewhat limited, when I’m multitasking with my kids. The fact that you can leave your name and number and have one of our team members call you back is amazing.”

Brian Bischoff, global vice president for Genesys Cloud says that there is a benefit to these new advances that the consumer can’t see, and that’s the ability to manage analytics to better serve customers in the future. The Butterball hotline is a free service (and no you don’t have to have purchased a Butterball brand turkey to reach out for help) but the company is always interested in improving it’s nationally acclaimed holiday help.

But as an amusing aside, some of the Butterball veterans are happy to share some of the funnier calls they have received over the years, as reported previously by the Inquisitr. Perhaps the top call in that category was from a man with a tricky carving question.

“How do you carve a turkey when all of its bones have been broken?”

Hmm. The man who made this call had thought he had been very clever until he realized he was going to have a challenging time carving his creation. It seems his turkey was too big for his roasting pan, so after he defrosted the bird, he wrapped it in a towel and “jumped up and down on it” until he got it to fit, inadvertently breaking most of its bones.

The Butterball expert provided some help without judgment.

“Carve it carefully and warn your guests about bone shards. Better yet, get a smaller turkey or perhaps two small turkeys.”