Instagram Fitness Star Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa, AKA ‘Sexiest Booty On The Internet,’ Uses Asset To Plug Dating App

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At the age of 20, Arizona native Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa has already attracted 9 million followers to her Instagram page, and she has not been shy about displaying why in numerous revealing posts — and in her latest asset-baring Instagram photo, she employs the quality that has earned her the high level of online attention to sell her fans on a dating app that was once said to make getting date “as easy as it is to order a pizza.”

Then nature of Ochoa’s attraction was made abundantly clear by the British tabloid newspaper the Daily Star, which praised her for possessing “the sexiest booty on the internet.”

“Describing herself as part entrepreneur, part model, the brunette bombshell has proven she has brains as well as beauty, launching her own business empire off the back of her ever-increasing popularity,” the Star wrote of the Instagram star last year when she was a mere 19-years-old.

She showed her entrepreneurial spirit in a Sunday post, showing Ochoa from behind as she rests in what appears to be shallow ocean waters, with the caption, “All the naughty and nice girls are on the Clover dating app!” and offering a link to download the app.

According to the technology news site Tech Crunch, Clovefr offers an “on demand dating” feature, allowing users to select a time and place to meet up for a date. The app’s algorithm then identifies a compatible date available on that date, and at the specified place.

But despite her unofficial “sexiest booty” title, Ochoa has also been the center of controversy, owing to her explanation on one Instagram post of why she is never seen smiling in recent photos — though she does offer smiles in posts more than a year old.

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“People look at me and think I’m mean because I have a resting b**** face and don’t smile at them but what they don’t know is that I have facial paralysis due to nerve damage. S*** happens and sometimes we have to learn to live with it,” she wrote.

“I’m still a happy girl with a huge heart and those who don’t accept me the way I am are always welcomed to leave.”

Many of her fans weren’t buying her explanation, as they expressed on a Reddit thread from February, in which some of her followers speculated that Ochoa was simply attempting to cover up a plastic surgery procedure gone bad.

But whether that allegation is true or not seemed irrelevant to some Ochoa fans, one of whom commented, “I do not come here for the face I can tell her that.”