Chicago Police Officer Killed In Mercy Hospital Shooting Was Father Of Three

Scott OlsonGetty Images

Chicago Police Officer Samuel Jimenez was killed in the Monday shooting at Mercy Hospital. Jimenez was 28-years-old and a father of three.

Jimenez is one of four people who was killed in the shooting. An ER doctor, Tamara O’Neal, was also killed in the event.

The shooter was Juan Lopez, and he is also dead. Lopez was 32, and formerly engaged to O’Neal, according to ABC 7 Chicago.

Shots rang out around 3 p.m. local time.

O’Neal had recently broken off her engagement with Lopez, according to police officers. The two were arguing in the parking lot when Lopez pulled out his gun and shot O’Neal multiple times.

Lopez then went into the hospital, where he continued to fire. Police officers chased him and exchanged fire with him. This was when the shooter, Lopez, was fatally shot. It’s still unclear if the wound that killed him was self-inflicted, or filed by a Chicago PD officer.

Jimenez was also shot and taken for treatment to the University of Chicago Hospital. He died around 7:30 p.m. local time, according to Chicago Police Department spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi.

According to witness James Gay, Dr. O’Neal was shot a total of six times. Lopez shot O’Neal three times at first. After O’Neal fell to the ground, Lopez shot her three more times, according to witnesses.

Jimenez joined the police department in February 2016. He had just recently ended his probationary term with the force to become a full-fledged officer.

Earlier on Monday, just hours before the shooting, the Chicago PD celebrated its newest graduating class of 88 police officers. The celebration also honored 275 newly-promoted detectives, lieutenants, sergeants, field training officers, and evidence technicians, according to USA Today.

“This tears at the soul of our city,” said Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Chicago has the highest murder rate for any city in the U.S., but the murder rate is down 18 percent in 2018 from the previous year.

A police procession to honor Jimenez is already underway, according to Chicago CBS Local.

The officers plan to begin the procession at the University of Chicago Hospital, where Jimenez ultimately died. Ahead of the procession, an American flag was hoisted between two Fire Department ladders.

“Chicago Police Ofc Samuel Jimenez,” one reporter tweeted. “Husband, father of 4, in his 2nd year with CPD. His salary was $41,265 in 2017 after joining the force last year. He was 28 years old,” the tweet stated.

It has been widely reported that Jimenez was a father of four. He was actually a father to three children, according to multiple sources.