New Images Posted To Social Media Suggest Season 6 Of 'Vikings' Is To Be The Final Season

Speculation is starting to surface that Season 6 of History Channel's Vikings will be the final season of the hit historical drama series. An image of a group shot as well as some images of cast members getting haircuts are all adding the rumors that the show has wound up for good.

As Metro points out, a group shot from on set of Vikings has been doing the rounds of social media lately. This has led to fans speculating that it might be an image depicting the very last time cast and crew will gather to record Vikings.

In addition, fans have also noted some missing cast members from the image that could suggest who doesn't make it through to the very end of Vikings Season 6. As Metro points out, Floki, Lagertha, Ivar, Harald, and Rollo are not present in the cast shot. So, fans are already wondering if these characters die before the end of Season 6, regardless of whether that season is the last or not.

The image posted to Jordan Patrick Smith's Instagram account shows a huge group of cast and crew that have been involved with Vikings. Jordan, who plays Ubbe, captioned the image with, "What an amazing group of humans."

Filming has wrapped up for Season 6 of Vikings so this image could just be a reflection of that. Plus, the image and caption don't directly reveal that Season 6 is the final season for Vikings. However, fans immediately assumed the worst.

"OMG!!!" exclaimed Instagram user, paocascallares. "Tell me this is not the last season."

Other fans also pointed out that Vikings cast members Marco Ilso (Hvitserk) and Alex Hogh Andersen (Ivar the Boneless) had posted images of themselves getting haircuts, another indication that Season 6 of Vikings might be the last.

"Yep, it's done," lynnwilson1154 said. "Alex and Marco cut their hair."

In addition to these clues, Georgia Hirst, who plays Torvi in Vikings, also posted some images to her Instagram account in which she, potentially, appears to be commenting on the end of the series.

"So many good memories," one image is captioned with, according to Metro.

Once again, these sorts of sentiments could indicate that Season 6 will be the last for Vikings. However, as yet there has been no official confirmation. Although, previously, the show's creator, Michael Hirst, has given some vague suggestions that Season 6 could be the end of the line for Vikings. In an interview Hirst did with the Hollywood Reporter in February, he discussed the end of the series.

"I know what the end to the series is. I was in New York last week pitching the end of the series to History and MGM, and I think we can confidently move forward to the end of the series that I always imagined, and that will be a huge surprise."
He has also previously told Variety that Vikings could go on for another two seasons, potentially indicating Season 5 was one of those seasons.

In addition, Michael Hirst also has two other series in the pipeline. According to the Guardian, Hirst is currently working on a new series based on the Romans called The Caesars. He is working alongside Martin Scorsese on this new endeavor. Den of Geek also states that Hirst is developing a Doctor Zhivago series. So, if this is the case, Michael Hirst will either be extremely busy, or he has found new work to replace his regular writing gig on Vikings.

Of course, while there does seem to be some suggestion that Vikings could conclude with Season 6, as yet, viewers will just have to hold out for an official announcement.

Season 5 of Vikings will return to History Channel on Friday, November 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.