'Sex And The City 3' Killed Off Mr. Big, According To New Leaks About The Storyline

Kristine Lofgren

Sex and the City 3 may not have gotten off the ground, but new details about what fans could have expected were leaked by host James Andrew Miller in his podcase Origins. According to the host, the last movie in the series would have killed off Mr. Big early on, leaving Carrie struggling with the devastating loss - and the storyline may be the reason that Kim Cattrall refused to reprise her role as Samathana Jones.

During an interview with Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker, the host told the actors that he had heard details about the movie's script from a source close to Cattrall. Mr. Big, aka John James Preston, apparently dies "relatively early" in the show of a heart attack. The rest of the movie focused on Carrie Bradshaw's journey of coping with her new reality.

Kim Cattrall, however, wasn't excited about the storyline. A source told the Origins host that the actress felt that her character didn't have enough to offer.

"People close to Kim believe that the script didn't have a lot to offer the character of Samantha," Miller said during the podcast.

"They point to the fact that it calls for Mr. Big to die of a heart attack in the shower, relatively early on in the film, making the remainder of the movie more about how Carrie recovers from Big's death than about the relationship between the four women."

Cattrall responded to the reports saying that the only "demand" she made was that she didn't want to do another film.

"I really hate corny stuff and it could be because I'm a little bit of a cynic. Like, the whole thing at the end of the movie in the shoe closet, hated it," he said.

"Hated the thing at the end of the movie after I felt she deceived me and then I say, 'Well, it's time I give you a bigger diamond ring.' Hated it. I just hate the cornball s**t and I thought it was just really sentimental and overly romantic without any feet in realism."

"I heard it was really a superior script," he said. "I'm a team player."