Former Dallas Cowboy Jeff Rohrer Marries Joshua Ross A Week After Coming Out As Gay

Retired Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jeff Rohrer tied the knot with celebrity aesthetician Joshua Ross on November 18 in Los Angeles, People is reporting. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Rohrer only recently came out as a gay man last Wednesday in an interview, where he announced his engagement to Ross.

“[W]hen I got divorced, I said the hell with it, I’m going to do what I’ve always wanted to do,” Rohrer said. “Then I found Josh (Ross), and began to openly live the life I was born to live.” He added that if it were not for falling in love with Ross, he would probably still be in the closet and hiding his sexuality.

The happy couple wore midnight blue Ferragamo tuxedoes while exchanging vows in front of around 150 people at the Wattles Mansion Gardens. Guests were given two stones upon taking their seats: a rose quartz and an amethyst. These stones are said to represent love and friendship, respectively. The guests were prompted to “put all their hopes and dreams and wishes for the grooms into the quartz, and send all of their thoughts and everything that makes them think about their friendship with the grooms into the amethyst.” The guests then returned the rose quartz to the couple but got to keep the amethyst for themselves.

The reception served drinks, oysters, crab legs, shrimp, grilled lamb lollipops, market vegetable kebabs and of course, cake. The grooms were then given well wishes as they departed to their two-week honeymoon in Europe, where they’ll make stops in Paris, Barcelona, and the Mediterranean. The couple also celebrated their love before the ceremony by getting pre-wedding massages and facials at the Le Arte spa at the Sofitel in Beverly Hills.

In addition to their spa treatments, the couple held a dinner for close family and friends at Palihouse in West Hollywood on Friday, and then on Saturday proceeded to have a hoedown at Sunset Ranch in honor of their shared home state, Texas. The hoedown included barbecue, live music, dancing, and horseback rides to the Hollywood sign.

“I’m from Texas, and Jeff played for the Dallas Cowboys and lived there for nine years, so we both have a huge kind of affinity for Texas,” Ross explained.

The pair has not been able to stop gushing about each other, and Ross is especially touched that Rohrer has chosen to live as an out gay man for him.

“I feel so honored that I’m the one he chose,” said Ross.

“After all this time, for him to like take this big leap — it definitely gives me all the feels. I’m becoming a step-father to two teenage children, so that’s always very exciting. Life has changed for the better. A lot of my friends would think is that this is a lot of baggage. What I would say is that it’s a family.”

As for Rohrer, he is also excited to embark on a new stage in life where he is true to himself.

“We’re the one for each other. It’s unexpected, but it’s undeniable. And people can see it when they’re around us,” Rohrer said.

“We’re in a good place now, and I’m thankful to not have to live in the shadows.”