Four People Discovered ‘Executed’ In The Basement of Philadelphia Home

On Monday, authorities in Philadelphia reported that they had discovered the bodies of four people who appeared to have been executed inside the basement of a home in the city.

As reported by ABC News, the four victims consisted of two women and two men, all of whom appeared to be in their 30’s. Police believe that they were killed on Sunday night, each presenting with nothing but a single gunshot wound to their heads.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross Jr. made a statement about the horrific discovery at a Monday news conference.

“Sadly, all four of these individuals were executed.”

He added that it was an act of “evil,” and called it a “horrible scene” in the basement.

The home in question where the discovery was made seems to currently be in the middle of building renovations. According to Ross, a neighbor who had heard banging coming from inside the residence on Sunday night had believed the noise to simply be part of the construction process currently underway there.

The police commissioner explained that the four shooting victims appeared to have been led to the basement before they were all shot.

After police conducted their search of the residence, they concluded that there appeared to be no visible signs of a struggle inside the house, and it didn’t appear as if the four people had been dragged to the basement after being murdered at a different location.

Although the identities of the four victims have not yet been publicly released, police have confirmed that one of the victims lived in the home, and at least some of the victims may have been related to one another.

“This could be anybody’s family,” Ross said.

“You just hope that people don’t get desensitized to these horrible acts that just keep occurring.”

At this stage, the police have not been able to uncover a clear motive for the cold-blooded killing.

“We’re interviewing witnesses, family members to see if we can determine what this might be about, as well as checking potential surveillance cameras in the area,” Ross said.

According to Ross, the area where the home is located is not one that regularly sees any police action taking place.

Ross further urged anyone with information regarding the horrific slaughter to come forward in order to aid the police with taking the killer — or killers — off the street.