Instagram Fitness Star Amanda Lee Shows Off Her Sultry Curves In Racy Snap

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Instagram influencer and fitness pro Amanda Lee has built up a huge online following over the past few years and she is known for her curvaceous figure. Lee has been sharing some extremely sultry shots of late and her fans are going crazy over her latest snaps.

Amanda Lee makes a living by carefully cultivating what she shares on Instagram and she knows what resonates with her millions of followers. The Instagram star’s latest post is particularly sultry and as she says in her caption, she tends to make it look easy.

Monday afternoon, Lee shared a snap to her feed showing her wearing Fashion Nova, a brand that is touted by many influencers these days on the social media site. Amanda’s photo showed her in a black bra and black mesh leggings, with what looks to be a pair of black thong panties underneath.

Lee was standing so that the camera primarily caught her backside, showcasing her curvy derriere and slim waist. Amanda had her long blonde hair hanging straight down her back and she gazed at the camera in a sultry way. In this particular shot, Amanda wasn’t wearing anything other than a few gold pieces of jewelry and the saucy black Fashion Nova attire.

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I make it look easy @fashionnova

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Virtually all of Amanda’s Instagram posts get at least 200,000 likes, as her 12.2 million followers are almost always anxious to support what she shares. In the case of this sexy photo, in just over an hour Lee’s post had nearly 140,000 likes.

A different post of Amanda’s from just a few days ago already topped 357,000 likes, and in this one, Lee wore a tiny black dress, unbuttoned quite low to flaunt her ample cleavage, along with what appeared to be Fendi tights. Lee was nearly popping out of the black dress and this picture was definitely a huge hit.

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Cosmopolitan talked with the Instagram star last spring, as Amanda acknowledged that “fitness is sexy,” adding that she’s come to accept that the sexier her posts are, the more likes she gets from her millions of followers. She detailed that she takes hundreds of photos a week, typically taken by her mom, and she obsesses over tweaking her chosen shots to look as good as possible before she shares them.

The effort is clearly paying off, though, as Amanda says she is making a salary in the “high six figures,” with ads sometimes bringing in as much as $20,000 a piece. In addition to doing real-world personal training with clients and her Instagram ads, Lee also sells meal and workout plans online.

Lee knows that her most buzzworthy physical asset is her booty and she says she was “obsessed with the whole butt thing before it became popular.” She works out about five times a week, focusing on her lower body, and Amanda acknowledges that she’s gotten Botox and breast implants. However, she says her derriere is completely natural.

Clearly, Amanda Lee’s social media strategy is working well for her. She may be one of many fitness models and trainers on Instagram these days, but her 12 million-plus followers and sky-high engagement are signs that she truly does stand apart from the crowd. By the looks of things, she’s on fire these days with plenty of great opportunities headed her way.