‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Claims Will Kailyn Lowry Destroy Farrah Abraham In Potential Boxing Match

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Kailyn Lowry wants to box her fellow Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, and according to a new report, she has at least one person in her corner.

During an interview with TMZ at an airport in Los Angeles over the weekend, Teen Mom OG‘s Cory Wharton, who is seen on the show alongside Cheyenne Floyd, his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child, spoke about the potential match.

“I’m taking Kailyn,” he said, according to a November 18 report.

According to Wharton, he has trained Lowry and knows her strength. Although he did admit that she could likely use a few more training sessions before getting into the ring with Abraham, he made it clear that Abraham “wasn’t about that life” and didn’t stand a chance against the Teen Mom 2 star.

“Kailyn, get that win,” he encouraged.”

Then, when asked if Abraham had a shot, Wharton confirmed she did not.

“That’s why she quit with Hoopz. Hoopz would have given her the hands,” he continued.

As fans have likely heard, Abraham and Hoopz, aka Nicole Alexander, were scheduled for a celebrity boxing match earlier this month but at the last minute, Abraham pulled out of the event, claiming she had been lied to by the promoters.

After pulling out of the match, Farrah Abraham embarked on a fun vacation in the Maldives, where she’s been sharing tons of photos of herself and her 9-year-old daughter, Sophia.

Kailyn Lowry and Farrah Abraham have had a number of issues with one another in the past but it seems unlikely that they will actually end up in the ring together. After all, back in July, Abraham said she wouldn’t fight Lowry because she was a “bully.”

During an interview with Radar Online at the time, Abraham revealed why she was unopened to the idea of fighting her fellow Teen Mom.

“Those who bully would not be a fit for an anti-bullying match. The Teen Mom cast is riddled with negativity, bullying and acts that are unhealthy,” she explained.

“I look forward to going in the ring with someone with integrity so it’s a great boxing match for all to watch! Count down, it’s going to be huge.”

Around the same time, Abraham’s father, Michael, revealed on Twitter that Lowry wasn’t a good match for his daughter because she was in a lot higher weight class.

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