Hailey Bieber Flaunts Curves In Bikini Top On Instagram

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Hailey Bieber showed off a white and silver outfit on Instagram soon after she made the switch from her maiden name to married name on the platform. She wore a white bikini top with sparkly straps, which was paired with a white sweater robe and silver pants. Hailey accessorized with large hoop earrings and a glittering silver belt that was wrapped around the robe. The model wore her hair in a slicked-back high ponytail, and sported heavy cat-eye makeup and glossy, dark pink lipstick.

Although the outfit looked festive for the holidays, Hailey still showed off a nice tan.

Fans let the model know how much they loved the look, as others simply commented, “Mrs. Bieber.” A fan noted that Selena Gomez might still be sad about their relationship, while others asked Justin if he knows how lucky he is.

From the seemingly quickie proposal to a secret courthouse wedding, Hailey and Justin’s relationship has been under intense scrutiny. Before the two formalized their marriage, there were lots of rumors about how their engagement was a fling. Meanwhile, others looked to Justin’s long-term on again, off again girlfriend Selena Gomez for an indication of how things were affecting her.

And while Selena appeared to put on a brave face, insiders gossiped that she was going through a hard time since she thought she might end up with Justin after all. Of course, the singer unfortunately ended up in rehab — but has since reportedly left treatment, per Complex.

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Not to mention that this drama still appears to have no end, as Cosmopolitan detailed how fans noticed Hailey following — and then unfollowing — a Selena Gomez fan account.

On the other hand, Hailey Bieber recently opened up to Vogue UK about her perception of social media.

“Everything is so different now and honestly the way that [those with similar careers] did it before was a lot more impressive because they didn’t have this extra tool of social media to be able to connect with people and gain fans. I think the way it’s helped is that it’s a really, really big platform and it’s so easy to access and to share information and let people in on your life and career. Obviously social media is also a really tricky thing and it’s really difficult sometimes to handle. But I think it’s played a big role in my career, for sure.”

For now, it looks like Hailey is trucking along on Instagram, and her fans are embracing her new last name.