‘Timeless’ Spoilers: These 3 Stars Will Not Be In Final Scene Of Series Finale, Per ‘ET’

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Warning: Timeless spoilers below.

The much anticipated two-part series finale of Timeless will air on December 20, picking up moments after the second season’s nail-biting ender. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, the stars of the NBC time travel show, canceled after just two seasons, revealed that Wyatt, Lucy, and Rufus will not be in the historical drama’s final scenes.

“What I think is pretty cool is the end end — the very end — doesn’t end on us. It doesn’t end on the team. It’s larger than us three, or it’s larger than the team, which I think is cool,” says Matt Lanter, who plays Wyatt Logan, a U.S. Special Forces Operative and the muscle behind the history-hopping team.

“It’s a little bit of a closed chapter for our characters, but things are left open at the end of this series finale,” Lanter, 35, added to the ET exclusive.

Timeless was canceled after it’s debut season, but fans, who refer to themselves as “clockblockers” rallied behind the show, blasting social media to save the NBC drama from the rubble. They accomplished their mission in just three days, and Season 2 premiered in March of 2018.

Ending on a major cliffhanger — beloved “Lifeboat” captain Rufus, played by Malcolm Barrett being shot and killed — the show took a leap and had the team breaking all of its rules. Lucy, the group’s history buff played by Abigail Spencer, and Lanter’s Wyatt come back from the very distant future looking like special agent operatives and ask the sullen team if they want to save Rufus. Fans were left wondering the team’s fate, and exactly how future Lucy and Wyatt were able to return to themselves unscathed, as the time travel show focused heavily on not running into yourself in the past, or future, or else there would be dire consequences.

Although showrunners Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke shopped around for a new network for Timeless to call home, it seemed the fan and cast effort to keep it on the air for another season fell short, and the show was canceled after its second season, as the Hollywood Reporter wrote.

Fans eagerly await the series finale, which promises viewers a satisfying ending, though without Lucy, Wyatt, or Rufus in the final scenes.

“I think that’s a very big tease, that none of us are in the last scene of the entire [series finale],” Spencer said.

“And our characters are still around, so you never know. There’s always potential to have to save the world again,” Lanter optimistically added to the ET exclusive.