‘Teen Mom OG’ Cast Member Cory Wharton Wants To Fight Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason

Lars NikiGetty Images

Cory Wharton wants to get on board with a Teen Mom-themed boxing match.

Following Farrah Abraham’s canceled boxing match with Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, and her potential upcoming match with Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry, Wharton — who appears alongside ex-girlfriend Cheyenne Floyd on Teen Mom OG— is hoping to fight Lowry’s former co-star, David Eason.

“Talking about boxing matching… David, Jenelle’s husband, that’s who I want,” Wharton explained to TMZ on November 18. “Set it up, man! Tell him to wear that confederate flag on his back when he comes to the ring because it’s game time, baby.”

According to Wharton, he has issues with Eason’s behavior — especially after the former reality star, who was fired from his role on Teen Mom 2 in February, came for his ex-girlfriend, Floyd, on social media.

“He’s came at my baby’s mom a couple of times on Twitter. So, if he wants to be brave on Twitter, let’s handle it. We’ll set it up. It’ll be professional,” Wharton explained.

Wharton even confirmed to TMZ that he would be willing to make a financial wager on his potential win.

“I’ll put all my money on it. David, put your whole check on it. Put that whole Teen Mom 2 check on it,” he said.

Below is an Instagram photo that David Eason shared of himself holding up the confederate flag. As readers can see, the image was taken during a trip to the Grand Canyon earlier this month.

As Teen Mom 2 fans well know, David Eason lost his job earlier this year after going on a vicious rant against the LGBT community on Twitter. His rant came after being called out for being pro-gun by a number of his fans and followers.

A short time later, after learning MTV had added Cheyenne Floyd — Cory Wharton’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his daughter — to the cast, Eason went on a rant about the topic on Facebook. He suggested that Floyd was a racist.

“I’ve kept my mouth shut for too long! MTV is such a hypocritical liberal network that you still keep racists, drug addicts and potential rapists on you shows as long as it meets your political beliefs? (Yet you are against gun rights which protects my family from those kind of people) I’m sickened to hear that Cheyenne Floyd said she hates white people and wants to kill them all!” he wrote.

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